Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please Work, Blogger!~

Blogger has NOT been cooperating with me lately. Has anyone else had this problem? I have had 4 posts not go through, and not save. Not cool. Who has time to write the same thing over again???
So quick recap-I had a bad case of bronchitis after Seattle RNR. Not good at all. It equaled almost 2 weeks off of running, since every time I tried I sounded like an 80 year old with emphysema. I am finally better, and managed to log 25 miles last week. Sad to say, that was a lot comparatively.
My dad and my (half) sister came and visited this
weekend. Very fun, very crazy. Throw in an Air Show, (which meant work for hub
by), and the whole weekend was crazy. We took a trip up to Crater Lake yesterday, a first for my hubby and kids. I had forgotten how incredible it is up there! They had a record amount of snow this year, (over 12 feet), and there was still a lot in places. Like where we planned our picnic. Fail. So we tailgated our picnic lunch.
The Crater Lake Rim Run is in a few weeks, (half marathon, marathon, or 6.7 miles). I did not make the cut off to sign up, and honestly, I'm kind of glad! Seeing the hills and feeling the altitude was intimidating just on the short hike we took. I know I could not have run the half. This year. Next year, oh yeah, I am so in!
I need a race on my calender. I've got nothing! So that is this weeks goal. Find a race that I can afford-that is the tricky part. And make a training plan to get serious. My weight is slightly up, my speed is way down, and my overall conditioning is sad. I've got some work to do!

(Thanks Kerrie, for telling me how to fix blogger!)