Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Blog, Long time no See!

I am sitting on my bed, looking at a large pile of laundry and thinking of all the things I should be getting done this morning. And I am not in the mood to do any of it, so I think I'll FINALLY write a post.

We have had a lovely fall, with very little snow so far. That is unusual, and it the general opinion seems to be: if it starts late, beware! I am thinking there will be lots of snow soon enough. I have been running as much as I can, getting in the mileage before the weather turns, and before I am forced to take at least a few weeks off, (more on that later).

Monthly totals the last few months:
August: 133
September: 140
October: 143
November: 151

I have been so pleased that I've been able to up my mileage and hold a good 35-40 mile per week average WITHOUT INJURY!!! Huge accomplishment! My 151 miles in November was the highest mileage I have hit that I know of. I am over 1300 miles for 2011. This makes me happy.

This month will probably be a little less, but we will see. I have been feeling strong and great on most of my 7-9 mile runs. My goal is to be able to run 13-14 miles any day and feel as strong. A few weeks ago I ran 12, and I was hurting my the end.

Goals for 2012
  • Get back to speed work! My speed has been seriously lacking, and I have been hesitant because of injury
  • A sub-2 half. I have been so close a few times, but keep falling short. Thus the speed work!
  • Hopefully, a marathon-most likely Portland
That's all I've got at the moment. I am sure that list will grow.

January will be a low mileage, (if any) month for me. I am trying not to dread it. At least it won't be for injury for once! I am having surgery on January 4th. I was hoping to get it over with in December, but no such luck. The surgery will be laparoscopic, so the recovery should only be 2-3 weeks or so, but it depends somewhat on how things go.

(sorry if it's TMI) I had massive complications after baby #3, and spent two quality weeks in ICU. I do not recommend this. Things have never quite been right since, so they are going in trying to figure out why, hopefully fix what they find, and to deal with a few cysts. Fun, huh? Hopefully it will be a simple fix, but we shall see. (if anyone wants the long version, let me know)

It is weird to think of taking weeks off without even being able to cross train. They say it's good to give your body a break once in a while, so maybe I will come back rested and ready to train hard. In the snow that is sure to have arrived by then.