Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Alive! and Kicking

Wow. I mean wow. So sorry for the serious lack of blogging. I have been lurking and trying to keep up with everyone else, but that's about it. My in-laws were in town for a long (really long) weekend. The kids were happy to see them, but it was a lot of stress and work for me. On PMS week. Not great timing. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am super clumsy during PMS. I can't even tell you how many bruises I have on my legs and hips from running into everything. Hello door frame! Frantically cleaning for my very type-A neat freak mom-in-law while running into everything was interesting.

I have been keeping up with my running, with a few schedule changes. I got 14.7 miles in on Saturday before going to play with the grandparents. Of course, all I wanted to do was lay down on the couch. Does anyone else have a hard time being productive after long runs? I'll admit that the last two miles of that run were HARD. I was eyeing the different places I could stop and use the phone to call for a ride. Glad I finished though.

Next big news, I got a job! One I was not at all looking for, although I freely admit we could really use the added income. I have stayed home with my kids from the beginning, so I haven't had a job in almost 7 years! How weird is that? And my last job was as a Snowboard Instructor. This new job is similar, sort of. I was hired to teach Ballet at a studio in town. Now, as previously mentioned I used to dance. I am not fantastic, but know the technique relatively well. A friend teaches hip-hop there, and mentioned they might be interested in more help. I thought I could maybe assist in a ballet class. (I have seen their recitals, and the ballet is BAD. Great hip-hop, jazz studio, but their ballet is horrible). I ended up being thrown in to teach a class of 18 11-13 year old (haha) as a working interview. Uh yeah. Apparently it went okay, because I was hired to teach all the Ballet classes to focus on technique. The owner will continue to work on their choreography, which is fine by me. So I will be teaching 3 nights a week.

And so begins a new juggling act of adding this into our schedules. I think we can make it work, and I love that I have a job where I get to exercise the whole time. I will keep my same training program, and just consider the extra few days of ballet cross-training. I admit I have been tired this week. An extra 2-3 hours of exercise a day is a lot, but I am excited for the opportunity.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Mile 2 Months in the Making

I'll get to that in a moment. First I'll post on my interval workout yesterday. My schedule called for 4x800 @10k pace. I had that written down to be 4:00, so 8:00 pace. I don't know if I ran my intervals too fast, or my goal time was too slow. Either way, I didn't get close to 4:00-can't complain!

3:36-felt so good, added one more. Probably would have added another, but my family came to the track.

Which brings me to the mile. 2 months ago, my husband bragged that he could run a 9:00 mile right now if he wanted to. He has not run at all in 9 years. Yes, 9 years. Nor does he do any other kind of exercise. So, I laughed at him and told him I'd love to see him try. I kept suggesting going to the track to get it done, but things kept coming up.

Well, what better time to make good than a 3 day weekend? He knew it was time to make good on his boast. He took a lap to warm up, and I timed him. His first lap he was a little fast-which I let him know. I ran with him the second lap-not pacing, just encouraging. After that he was on his own, since my girls were having a sand fight in the long jump pit.

Hubby walked once during lap three, twice during lap 4 but just for a short while. He really gave it his all! I ran the last 200 meters with him, trying to help him give a good finishing kick. Final time, 9:37:55. He missed his time, but did finish a mile.

I admit it was a little hard not to laugh at him seeing spots and feeling like he was going to pass out at the end. However, I remember well what that first running mile felt like when I was so out of shape. Hubby was red faced even an hour later, and sore this morning.

The best part is, he is thinking maybe we should do a family day at the track every week and maybe he will start trying to run on my off days. Great idea-we'll see if he can get out of bed! A morning person he is not. I think the running bug is taking root.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where are you?

Motivation-where have you gone? Not so long ago I treasured my early mornings alone. Some days I was sleepy, but that first block always had me awake and ready to tackle everything. Is it burnout? Is it sleep deprivation? Or is it the constant gloom of winter that we have found ourselves in? I think there has only been one day in the last month that it has not rained.

No matter the cause, it is time to snap out of it! I am ready to train hard and give it my all. Grumbling at having to get up at 5:30am is not going to benefit my running, or my life in any way. Negative thoughts, time to go away now-and I mean it. I am tougher than you.

After arguing with my alarm for 15 minutes this morning, I did get out of bed to run. That was a victory. It was only a 30 minute tempo, but it felt like so much more. The good news is, my watch was found-that excuse is over. (until a short person relocates it again)

1 mile warmup felt good and on the way, I decided I needed a change. I went a different route which meant I had no idea where my mile splits would be. I thought that might be for the best and I would just give it what I had for 30 minutes, and plug in the time and distance later. (This is where a Garmin would be fantastic-I am hopeful for my birthday).

30.03 = 3.83-5.25 miles total
7:50 average!

No wonder I was feeling it towards the end! I was going 40 seconds faster than my pace! I felt good knowing I could hold a faster pace, but I have got to learn some consistancy. Next time I need to mark splits. I am proud of this tempo run and knowing that I worked hard and gave it my all when I really didn't want to.

The easiest place to do that is the greenway since it has markers every 1/2 mile. I will be glad when it is light enough to run there and feel safe!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have a confession to make. I skipped my tempo run. Yep, totally skipped it. I had several weak excuses, my number one being I still hadn't found my watch. A tempo run is a waste of time without a watch, right? My two year old fell out of bed this morning at 4:30, and I had just gotten back to sleep when the alarm went off. It didn't take much to talk me out of a cold, dark run.

*My two year old fell out of her bed and started screaming. I rush to her aid, and hug her until she's calm. She informs me, "that bed kicked me out. Or my pets. That isn't nice. Night night" and was back to sleep before I left the room. Her pets are the stuffed animals she (and her sister) insists on sleeping with. They each have 10-15 in their bed and can't live without them.

I slept in until my husband gave me the not so subtle hint that it was 7:30, and he needed to go, could I be so kind as to deal with the kids? Oops. Thursday is my usual off day/cross training day so I'll just switch. No harm done.

To make myself feel better for missing my run, and my poor eating habits lately-that is a whole other blog!-I went to the adult Ballet class I used to frequent. It was hard work, but I enjoyed it a lot. I took my girls with me, and they behaved beautifully. That last time I tried, it was not so successful. My muscles handled the barre work well-the ballet conditioning at home has paid off! The dancing center work was a little slower to come back. I felt a bit awkward, large and clumsy. Oh well, it was a solid 2 hour workout, so it took care of my cross training for the day.

Up for tomorrow: the Tempo to follow

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Thank God you're Crazy!"

This was my husbands quote yesterday. It made me laugh out loud. We were at Costco, and passed by the display of flowers. He commented that he had something in mind to get me for Valentine's Day, but it wasn't romantic. He gave me a look that said, "will that get me in trouble?" Then decided to tell me, my Race Fee! I told him I loved it, and it was romantic to me! To which he loudly proclaimed, "Thank God you're crazy!" in the middle of Costco. Between that and me laughing, we got some looks.

In my mind, romance isn't about what you get-it's the motivation behind it. Flowers are nice, but die. Jewelry is great, but not realistic to our budget. Most people I know would think a race fee is totally unromantic. Paying for you to run and feel miserable? For me, it is the perfect gift. As we all know, race fees are not cheap. I would love to race a lot, but the lack of races in my area and the already hefty fees make that difficult. My husband knows me well-that I want to race, but don't want to stretch an already tight budget to make it happen.

Today's run was the usual easy 4.5 mile loop, and my first run in my new shoes. The lure of the new shoes was the motivation I needed to get up this morning.

SHOE REVIEW: Saucony Progrid Guide 3
They were horrible. They hurt my feet before I had made it half a mile. It felt like running on rocks, and I don't know why. They felt like they had enough cushion when I jogged around the store, but they seriously hurt! I am a mid foot striker, and every time I landed on my forefoot pain shot through my feet and shins. I found myself trying to adjust my stride which made it worse. Not good. I ended up cutting my run short by a block because I couldn't do it anymore. I debated walking, but decided to speed up instead to make it home.

I guess I get to go for a drive again this weekend to return them, and back to the drawing board. I will try them once more for my easy run Friday and see if they feel better.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hills, Speed, and other Good Things

How is it already Monday again? I always thought stay at home moms, you know, stayed at home. Somehow that isn't quite the case as busyness takes over.

Since I have been out of bloggyland since Tuesday, (yikes!) quick recap on my week.
  • Wednesday: Tempo run. I had anxiety dreams the night before this run. Tempos are so mental for me. Or maybe I'm just mental-either way. 6.3 miles total, splits: 8:28, 7:57, 8:08, 8:37, 7:43. I have got to work on my pace consistency!
  • Thursday: I taught Ballet Conditioning again, and it went FANTASTIC! My class grew by word of mouth, people are loving the work out. It makes me feel good.
  • Friday: 4.5 miles started off slow, my legs didn't want to move. A downpour of rain got me moving faster, last mile was a 7:30. I just wanted to be dry!
  • Saturday: 9.8 miles. I ran from my house to my mom's to fit it into our Saturday play schedule, looking for 90 minutes (60 min easy, 30 at pace). I was congratulating myself on my planning, thinking I had planned this just splendidly. Started in at pace doing fine, not feeling too tired-until I hit the hill. The holy crapola that is a big hill. I should have thought this plan out better. Gah! I didn't even check my pace, but I pushed as hard as I could while still breathing! (pats back) I actually got to my destination too fast, and needed to add on a bit. Success! 9:17 average overall.
  • Monday: 4.25 miles Speed work at the track. I could not find my watch! What a Monday! Finally I had to make a choice, scrap the run as time was getting short, or just go with feel. Knowing I had NO TIME to make it up-I went for it. 8x400 sub 1:50. I felt good through the workout, and might have added a couple of repeats if I had more time. Guessing on my times of course, but I think I totally nailed it. Came home, changed, ate a Cinnabon (bad bad bad) and went to Circuits. (the Cinnabon guilt helped with motivation-why are those SO GOOD?) 1 hr circuits class=hard core! It is one of those things that can be as easy or hard as you want. After a weekend of bad food choices, I went as hard as I could! Hopefully it at least worked off the frosting.


I got new shoes on Saturday. After much deliberation, I decided on the Saucony Progrid Guide 3. I am excited to have new shoes, but wary that these will work. I really hope they work! Shoe review to come tomorrow after my easy run.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Do You Want for Valentine's Day?

My husband was whining about what they expect you (meaning men) to pay for Valentine's Day roses. Over $100 most places. I pointed out that Costco has a reasonable deal of 3 dozen with a vase for $65. I also pointed out that I don't expect him to pay that much money for flowers. His comment back was right on: "I'd be better off spending the money on something you can lace up or a race fee." Running shoes or a race fee? Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day gift to me!

Today's run: Easy 4.6 mile loop, 44:00 or so. I couldn't find my watch this morning. Foggy, grey, and gloomy. It was a good run to zone out. Fog has a funny effect that way-it makes everything feel slow. My shoes are feeling very dead-I was feeling achy in my knee and shins.

February Mileage: 9.6
2010 Total: 150

Does anyone else want to shoot the groundhog when he sees his shadow? Me neither, just checking.

I am still Thinking Spring!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Monday Monday!

Happy Monday! Okay, I am trying really hard to make it a happy Monday. I have three kids with coughs, and one with a possible ear infection. I'm thinking it is a pajama day! And maybe I'll find enough floor to vacuum. Maybe.

Weekend recap:
Saturday's long run summed up: Sluggish. It took me until 10am to even get out the door because I was tired! My training schedule said 90 min, last 30 min faster, but I had mentally planned on 13 miles. I came close to that last weekend, but didn't actually hit 13. In hindsight, should have done the 90 min. I was tired by mile 6-that is never good. I did a loop because I didn't want to wimp out! (I would have, too) I finished, but with an 11 min mile pace-sad! Time, 2:14 and my legs felt like lead.

Possible Fixes:
-better fuel! I have been using Shot Blocks, but ran out. I used Sport Beans and didn't feel a boost at all!
-Knowing I was tired, should have done the shorter run-live to run another day!

I am hoping just getting the miles in will make a difference in my next long run! During my first half training, I remember we did do a drop down in mileage week-but when should that be done? It is not on my schedule. Thoughts?

Sunday I got to go shopping in Tri Cities with my mom! So fun to have a kid free day, and much needed. I found some GREAT deals on clothes at American Eagle. It made me excited about spring/summer clothes. Also went shoe shopping for new running shoes. I was fitted for the Saucony ProGrid Guide 3. I didn't buy them yet-still thinking. Mostly I'm thinking I should have bought them!

January Recap:
36.8 miles last week (highest of the month)
140.4 for the month!

Today, Hill Repeats! Schedule called for 8, but I felt good (and was having Oreo guilt) so I did 10! 2.6 mile warm up, faster than easy pace (9:00ish) 10x hill repeats, 5.0 miles total!

I was supposed to go to a Core workout class this morning, but sick kids means no-go. I will do my best to make it happen during naps! Feeling the need to step it up!