Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad Tempo, Bad

My friend and running buddy is pregnant with her third baby, which is great news for her. For me, I keep losing my running buddies to pregnancy. So sad. She has a history of miscarriages, so has been taking it very easy-which drove her insane in less than a week. Yep, she's a runner. Yesterday we met for a very easy 4 miles. We kept it at a light jog for the first 20 minutes, then jog/walk for the return route. It was great to catch up, and it was a recovery day for me anyways.

I have not been sleeping well. I have no idea why this is. I fall asleep great which lasts until about midnight. Then I wake up every hour all night. And I've been waking up with the munchies! Not because I'm hungry, but because I'm awake and bored! Gah!

I bring this up, because todays tempo run was a huge FAIL. Okay, not a full fail. I'll give it a C. Maybe. I woke up tired and considered going back to bed, but the weather was ideal: 36 degrees and cloudy, no rain. No such guarantees for tomorrow. (it is pouring right now-you'd think this was Seattle!)

I had planned a mile and a half warmup to get to an area where I could mark splits. I had to stop after 2 blocks to fix my shoes. After half a mile, I had a sideache. What?!?!? Half a mile of easy running! What in the world? I tried to run through, but it was a doozy. Fine. I walked until it went away. Ran two more blocks, side ache is back. Seriously!!! This continued the whole warmup!!!! I considered just going home. I was so frustrated! Knowing how the rest of my week is looking, I knew I needed to at least give it a shot. 40 min tempo, goal pace 8:30.

Mile 1: 8:56 it felt terrible. I don't know what is wrong.
Mile 2. 8:43 I want to quit.
Mile 3-5, I stopped checking my watch because of my negative attitude. I covered it with my coat, and decided to go by perceived effort and hope for the best. I pushed as best I could and more importantly, pushed as much of the negativity out as I could! I turned up my ipod as loud as I dared, and gave it the best I had today.

Tempo: 4.8 miles 39:50
Somehow out of that disaster, I still came out with an 8:29 average. I think my last mile was fast, just wanting to be home!

Total distance, 6.8 miles
January total 119.9

What did I learn from this? I don't know why I was having sideaches, but I do know I need to stick with it and work hard to reach my goals. Somedays that is much easier said than done!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Speed

Winter is back. After the wonderful sun on Saturday, it was hard to see snow coming down last night. Then freezing rain. I was all geared up to do speed on the treadmill this morning. I poked my head out the door, saw the rain, and got dressed in gym clothes. When I went out to start the car it was only a light drizzle and not icy. Change of plans! To the track!

On the schedule was 8x400 @ 1:50
I did 1.5 mile warm up on my way to the track. The track is always empty in the morning, which is nice. It was however, dark and foggy. Wish they had lights!

1:46 felt like I was going slow so I pushed it
1:44 wow, go me. decided to add one more
1:45 Okay, legs are dead now

Last week my times were a little slow, running in lane 5-6. Today felt good. I think if I had warmed up with some strides and high knees, I could have started the first few faster. Oh well. Very happy that I got faster as I went, and finished strong!

Long Run

Does anyone else wake up Monday morning, and wonder where the weekend went? I'm pretty sure it happened, but how can it be over already?

Saturday morning my husband had to work for a few hours which postponed my long run. I am a morning runner not because I love getting up early, but because it is the time I have. Even on the weekends I find it so much easier to start my day with a run, rather than carve the time out later in the day. It is too easy for me to feel lazy later in the afternoon.

Hubby got home around noon, and I should have started out the door. I didn't. I ate and talked on the phone with my sister for an hour. Suddenly it's 2pm. Maybe I should just skip it. This is why I run in the morning before I have time to talk myself out of it!

Thankfully, the sun was out. The sun was out! It was almost 50 degrees and there was sun! Something we have not seen much of around here the last month. That was more convincing then anything else. I did what I often do when I'm not in the mood to run long-start and promise myself I can turn back if it's awful. I did an out and back route for this very reason.

I listened to "Born to Run" on my ipod while I ran, keeping a nice easy pace. The sun felt glorious. I was running in a tank top and capris. So much better than winter layers! I am enjoying listening to "Born to Run". It was interesting and motivational to hear about ultra-runners-definitely a whole different breed!

Stats: 12.5 miles
1:06 minutes out
1:00 back
Last mile, 8:37 (hugely proud of this, my legs felt tired!)

My legs felt tired, but good afterwards. I suffered through an ice bath knowing my muscles were tired. The only sore part of me Sunday was my feet! They hurt bad enough that I wore flip flops to church, even though it had turned winter again and was in the 20's. Does anyone else get very sore on the balls of your feet? It is always on the inside of my foot that it hurts. I feel it when I lift up my toes. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tempo Thursday

Happy Thursday! For whatever reason, I keep thinking it is Friday. Wishful thinking, I know. Yesterday morning I had a tempo run on my schedule. My alarm went off at 5am as usual, and I lay there deciding if I was getting up. I had a headache and the thought of a tempo run in the rain just made me want to hide. So I stayed in my nice dry bed instead. No problem, Thursday is normally my planned cross training day and off day for running. I'll just switch. Well, the cross training didn't happen. My headache turned into "that time of the month". Does watching movies with a hot pack on my stomach, and an ice pack on my head count as cross training? It takes coordination!

This morning I was determined to knock out my tempo run. I have been struggling with my ability to keep the pace, and I needed a confidence booster! I did my warm up and started my tempo, goal pace 8:30.

Mile 1 9:02 oops-way slow. Wake up legs!
Mile 2 7:48 Not that much!
Mile 3 7:52
Mile 4 8:36 going out too fast catching up with me!
Mile 5 8:12 Got a break during a red light, so that helped
Mile 6 9:09 Half was at cool down pace

Wow, I really need to work on keeping a consistent pace. I felt all over the place. I would feel myself slowing down, then speed up and try to make up for it. I knew the basic locations of my mile markers, but I don't really have a way to check my pace aside from feel. I guess that is a big part of tempo runs, getting used to the feel of the pace! (I still want a Garmin)

Today it felt not great. It felt hard, not only in physical effort, but to keep my mind to put up with the effort! Everything in me wanted to just do an easy run. During mile 4 when I wanted to slow down and walk, I thought-I really don't want to blog that I walked!

I was so relieved to be done. Got home, showered, dressed myself and kids, took one to kinder, took another to preschool, checked the third in childcare, and went to workout number 2. My normal cross training for Thursdays is the workout class at the preschool. Now it probably would have been smart to skip, but I knew it was the core strength class, which I really need! I do core at home but it ends up being 10 minutes here or there. This was a solid hour of core, arm and leg strength. I'm feeling a little like gumby this afternoon.

Miles for today: 6.4
Miles for 2010: 86.0

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FinishLine Rant

No, not the fun type of finish line that we all love crossing after we've given it our all-the other kind. The store. I have kept my frustration to myself for the most part, (aside from my husband) but I am seriously mad at this point!

Several months ago I bought a pair of shoes at finishline, because we don't have any other options in town that carry running shoes. I bought them with the understanding I could return them. Well, when I returned them they would only give me store credit, or an exchange. I exchanged for a different pair that they had to order, and ended up with the difference ($45) on a gift card. So here I am stuck with this gift card. Fast forward to before Christmas.

Time for a new pair of shoes, and I need to get rid of this gift card. I try to order my usual Asics 2140 online with a Visa gift card my in laws gave me. The website wouldn't work. Okay, I was patient. I tried again, did the whole order. It said the transaction would not go through. Huh. So I tried twice more, wondering why it wouldn't work. The transaction didn't go through, but they DID charge my card all three times!!!! Gah! So now, all my Christmas money is gone, and I still don't have any shoes.

I sent 4, yes 4 emails over the course of a week. Each confirmation email said I would get a response within one business day. I have yet to hear from them. I tried to call, and was put on hold so long I couldn't do it(all you moms know how it is on the phone with kids). After 2 weeks, the money was reimbursed. Maybe it was just the holiday rush. I'll give them one more chance. Same thing, didn't process but charged my card. So I went into the store and just ordered right there. The card went through fine. Great! Nightmare over, and never buying from them again!!! My shoes should get here in a few days.

Okay, 2 weeks. *sigh* If it hadn't been for that store credit, I would have ordered from running warehouse! They were cheaper and I get my shoes in two days! UPS finally came tonight. Joy oh Joy! New Shoes! Of course I rip into the box right away, and slip them on my feet...

And my toes hit the end. Seriously? I check the box-Size 10 Asics 2140. The same shoes I own 4 pairs of. Weird. I put on my usual running socks and lace them up. They are definitely short. I try on one of my old shoes, and one new and put my heels against a wall. There is a half inch difference in length!

So now what to do? Finishline won't return emails, and I don't want to waste a whole day on hold! My biggest issue is, I don't want store credit or an exchange. I just want to take my business elsewhere! I am open to suggestions. I do not like being mean or angry to customer service people after working retail, but I am so frustrated!

It has been a month, and I still don't have new shoes. Rant over.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long Run Saturday

Today was one of those mornings that is was hard to get up and out the door. It wasn't even early, but staying home in warm pajamas just sounded awesome. I am thankful I was meeting a friend at 7:30 this morning, or my run may have been postponed or shortened.

It was 35 degrees this morning, with a light drizzle going on-so not too bad. I had planned a loop route, but since I was feeling a little on the lazy side, I changed it to an out and back for an easy option to turn early if the skies opened. Thankfully, the rain held off and we got our miles in.

I ran with a friend who I have only run with a few times, and typically with someone else also. I had forgotten that she is FAST and a little on the impatient side. Now, I don't mean that in a bad way-I adore this friend, but I realize that we are not well matched for most long runs. I run at a pretty steady easy 10:00 mile pace. That feels uncomfortably slow to her. If I try to keep pace with her the whole time, I get tired.

We ended up with a pretty good compromise I think. We ran the first 4 miles together, then she took off ahead and I enjoyed some music on my ipod. After the turnaround, we ran together for another mile or two, then she took off for home ahead of me.

Stats for the run: 10.4 miles, 1:40:21

I think she will be a fantastic friend to run with as my conditioning improves training for Mercer Island. Keeping the pace on longer tempo runs and long runs is hard for me. How great to have someone to help push the pace when I get tired and want to slow down!

Right now I am enjoying being back in comfy pj's and having my legs up on my couch, and the lovely quiet of nap time. The only thing that would make it better would be if someone would deliver some onion rings. Does anyone else crave salt and grease after long runs? Normally I am a sugar person, but not on long run days.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ballet Conditioning

I taught Ballet Conditioning for the first time yesterday. A friend and occasional running partner teaches step aerobics and core rhythm classes twice a week and asked me to teach to add variety and difficulty. I was very nervous. I can sing in front of a group and be fine, but speaking is a whole other thing. Isn't that funny?

Despite my nerves and shaking, the class went very well. We had a surprisingly good turnout of more than 15 women, (mostly moms from the preschool). I got a lot of positive feedback which made me feel great for having stepped way out of my comfort zone!

Ballet Conditioning is a fantastic workout. I have found that it does amazing things to strengthen my knees, hips and ankles for running. Having had surgery on my bad knee once, this is a great way to prevent further injury. Not to mention what it does for your core! When done correctly, every move you make with your feet or arms-affects your core. I admit, it felt pretty good today to see various facebook status updates reflecting sore muscles.

I will be teaching once a month, which is a great motivation for me to keep up my cross training. I don't want to be up front teaching, having my muscles quiver with effort. More importantly, I know it will help my running. I try to remind myself that when I am tired and sore, and cross training just does not sound as appealing as curling up with a nice book.

This morning I had an easy 4 1/2 mile run. It was one of those runs that aside from the cold, was just relaxing. I was enjoying the music on my ipod, and even enjoying the crisp chill of the air-a welcome break from the rain.

Tomorrow I talked my occasional running buddy into 10 miles with me. I am hoping to do 11 total, but it will depend on time. My schedule calls for 90 minutes-what do you think of runnign for time vs. running for mileage? Praying the rain waits until lunch time to avoid a soggy run, but having a buddy to run with will make a huge difference either way!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Recipe

This is a recipe for my favorite dinner. It isn't difficult, (which is good for me) and is so good!

Homemade Gnocchi (potato pasta)
1 1/2 cups prepared instant mashed potatoes, cooled
1 Egg
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2-2 cups all purpose flour

combine mashed potatoes, egg and salt: mix well. Add 1 1/2 cups of the flour and mix until dough begins to form into a ball. Turn dough out onto cutting board; knead lightly until smooth. Sprinkle additional flour over surface as needed to form a dough that is not sticky or dry.
Divide dough into six equal portions, roll each portion into a 1/2 inch thick log across length of cutting board (like a long snake).
Use a pizza cutter cut each log into 3/4 inch pieces, forming pillow-shaped gnocchi.
Carefully drop gnocchi into boiling water. Once gnocchi rises, boil 2 miles. about 4 min total. Darin in large colander.

Walnut Pesto
1/4 cup walnuts
1/2 cup lightly packed fresh basil leaves
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 garlic cloves, pressed
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese

microwave walnuts 1-2 minutes, stirring after each 30 seconds, until fragrant and lightly toasted. place walnuts and basil on cutting board. finely chop together. combine basil mixture, oil, pressed garlic, salt and pepper.
Add pesto to cooked gnocchi, mix gently. Grate Parmesan cheese over gnocchi.

*I don't measure the pesto exactly-I use a whole package of basil, and probably more walnuts too. Just guess until it looks and tastes good! (sorry, that's how I cook)
I love this recipe. Very simple, and pretty fast too. The kids like to "help" make the snakes. The gnocchi is low fat-I use the Costco instant mashed potatoes, and do the low fat recipe.

As for my running self:
I had a 30 minute tempo scheduled for today. I had to do the treadmill because of torrential freezing rain. I had a very hard time feeling comfortable with my rhythm and my pace. the treadmill makes the pace seem harder, and seemed hard on my legs today. I did 5 miles total, 32 minutes at 8:30 pace with one 30 second break in the middle. Why is it easier to cheat and take a break on the treadmill? I would have toughed it out had I run outside. I think.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let it Begin...

Hello Blogging Buddies! It is so great to see a few people are actually reading my ramblings. I am trying to get better about the length of my ramblings-ha!

-Yesterday was my first day on my training schedule, and first speed workout in a while. It felt like it! 7x400 goal pace 1:50. Splits: 1:53, 1:51, 1:51, 1:52, 1:51, 1:50, 1:52-I am actually pleased with these times, since I was running in lanes 5-6. They were the only ones clear of snow. 5.8 miles total

-Today I woke up to pouring rain, so feeling a little wimpy I went to the gym. I go to a small little gym that is never busy. Today all the treadmills were full. I didn't figure in the New Years crowd. I grudgingly got on a bike for 12 minutes until a treadmill opened up. I lasted a mile, but it was really unusually hot, and I was feeling claustrophobic with so many people by me. Rain sounded better. Went home, changed into pants and headed out the door. It was just a light rain at that point-perfect. Until I hit the sidewalk and figured out it was freezing rain. It was a slippery run, but it was still better than a treadmill. 4 miles total

-Finish line has horrible customer service (online). I will never buy shoes from them again. The only reason I did this time is because I was stuck with a gift card from a return when they wouldn't give cash back. Rant over.

-I am doing better with my food choices-mostly. I give myself a B- for yesterday because I ate ice cream after the kids were in bed. Out of the container. I didn't eat too much, but I still ate because of stress. Oh, and I dug out the pieces of cookie dough. Okay, let's go with a C+ for yesterday. Today, so far I would grade myself a B+. No stress eating, good portion control. I just need to add more veggies.

-Day three of taking a Vitamin D supplement. Does anyone else take this? I have learned to take it on a full stomach. Taking it as you eat breakfast is not enough. It made me feel really yucky this morning.

50.3 Miles for the year so far-I'm well on my way!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loses and Gains

I was reading magazines while in line at the grocery store. I have a talent for picking the slowest line, no matter how many are in front of me. I was looking at People Magazine (I think), and saw an article on Jared (the Subway guy). It was talking about how he knew he wasn't making great food choices, but wasn't concerned-figuring it was just a few pounds. He was shocked to discover that it wasn't a few-he went from 190lbs back up to 221lbs (again, I think-not sure on his weight right now).

It got me thinking how easy it is to gain back the weight we work so hard to lose. I lost 60lbs through running and very careful eating. As my running mileage went up, I gave myself more leeway with my eating habits. A few cookies here and there aren't going to make me gain weight, and I stopped feeling the need to measure my food. I just tried to keep a good balance, which has worked well. I have kept the weight off with very few instances of going up 3-4 lbs, then back down.

After Christmas, I weighed myself for the first time in a while. I was up 4lbs-not a big deal, but frustrating. I know I spent most of December eating horribly! I have a serious weakness for all things sweet, so having and baking an endless supply of sugar cookies, pie, candy etc is not a great idea. I have no willpower. When I was dieting, I couldn't have any sweets in the house.

I went to the doctor last week, and I was up 7lbs. Wow, it is a slippery slope. It is still not a huge number, but I can very much see how easy it is to be like Jared was-I exercise, therefore I can get away with eating whatever I want, right? Not so much.

I am writing this blog to help keep myself accountable. Here are my goals for this week:

1. Follow my Training Schedule-winter is hard for me, I hate being cold. I know the increase in mileage and intensity will help with the extra pounds.

2. Keep a Food Log-accountability is good. I learned having to write down everything I put in my mouth does help, and keeps me honest-like stealing a few pieces of the kids candy.

3. Make Better Food Choices-
a. Eat a large enough breakfast after my run where I am not hungry and munching an hour later
b. Make good snack choices, fresh fruits and vegetables
c. Don't wait to eat until I am starving!
d. Cut WAY back on the sweets-no more candy, or cookies. I will try to not have any sweets until Saturday (long run day).

4. Cross-training-I usually do well Monday and Tuesday, but slack off towards the end of the week when I get tired. I am teaching a Ballet Conditioning Class on Thursday, so that will be good motivation for the week.

I am not so much worried about the number on the scale, (although I am not happy with it either). This weeks big goal is just to make better healthy choices overall. I think that will make a big difference.

Other suggestions? Comments?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Long Run

Happy Saturday! Mine started off in a very lazy fashion, which is unusual for me. I enjoyed having a date night tremendously, but I am not used to being up until midnight anymore. Not to mention seeing Avatar in 3D made me a little dizzy, mostly because we ended up having to sit in the second row. Way too busy, but my husband loved it.

He got extra points by letting me stay in bed until 10am! Wow! I haven't slept that late in years. I was woken up a few times by kids coming in to say hi, but it felt great to sleep and be lazy. It was freezing rain last night, so I was anticipating a run on the treadmill. For 90 minutes. Ugh. I started getting my things ready, including my ipod that is newly loaded with audio books.

Off to the gym I went. On the drive there, I noticed things were starting to melt. The temp had warmed up to 35! Change of plans, back home and into outdoor running gear. I chose the greenway knowing that it would most likely be clear, which it was.

I ran 33 minutes South while listening to "Born to Run". I am enjoying it I think, although it was a different rhythm. I don't know if it made me slower or not-I wasn't focusing on my pace at all. I turned around keeping the same easy pace. When I got back by my car at the hour mark, I switched to music and picked up the pace.

The goal was to run the last 30 minutes at race pace. I'm not sure if I was at race pace, which should be around 8:30(faster if possible), but I was going fast enough for it to feel hard. I was really pleased with my ability to hold the harder pace when I was tired. Long runs have never been a strong point for me, so I am hoping this means my training will go easier this time around.

1:30:49 total run time, 10 miles (I think). I used mapmyrun to figure the distance, but some of the trail is hard to track-so guessing a little bit. My dream of getting a Garmin for Christmas has not come true yet. Maybe Valentine's?

Friday, January 8, 2010

10 Things that Make me Happy

Does anyone else with kids sit down to blog or check email or whatever, get two lines in and get interrupted by a kid (or husband) who NEEDS something RIGHT NOW OR THE WORLD WILL END! All that to say, I started writing this post 3 hours ago. Lets see if I can get it done.

Taking the idea from Mel @ 10 Things that make me happy. I must say, that is a good way to end a week-especially a busy stressful week.

Without further ado-

1. Date Nights! I get to go on a date with my husband tonight FOR FREE! How awesome is that? Thanks to a great friend who gave us a gift card, and included free babysitting. Wohoo! So, dinner at Applebees, and seeing Avatar.

2. Coffee. This week I have been very thankful for coffee, and my espresso machine. It is not as good as having someone else make it, but it is cheaper and I can have more whenever I want! Oh, and Eggnog flavored coffee syrup. Way less calories than having a real eggnog latte, and tastes almost as good! I bought three bottles hoping to save at least one for when I have an eggnog craving in August.

3. My ipod-on days when I am struggling to run, or worse on the treadmill, it is a lifesaver. I am a music lover, and starting the day with my ipod on shuffle while I run is always a mood booster. A friend just gave me a few audio books for my ipod, so I may try that on long runs. Not sure if it will be the same, but it's nice to have the option. First book, "Born to Run".

4. Fuzzy Socks. My feet are always cold, and fuzzy socks in fun colors make me smile.

5. My baby (2 1/2 year old) is POTTY TRAINED!!! Wohoo! Happy Dance! No more diapers!

6. A new book. I love to read and get sucked into new books to where nothing else exists. It's wonderful.

7. My sweet understanding husband who made dinner and wrangled three kids after he worked all day, so I could chill with my book and have a break.

8. Nativity scenes. I collect them, and love all different styles. I am okay with putting away the tree (sort of-it is still up), but I don't want to put away my Nativities. They are beautiful. My favorite my mom got me from Bethlehem when she toured Israel.

9. My son loves making get well cards, and makes one for me if I have a headache, or am tired, or seem grumpy. He also asks me if I need to run when I am acting grumpy. That makes me laugh.

10. My 4 year old daughter who always has a hilarious question, which usually leads to an even funnier comment. For example: "why do I have nipples?" "because that's how God made you". "Oh. Well, ducks don't have nipples. I wish I were a duck, because they don't have nipples. Or a penguin. Waddle waddle waddle."

My life is never dull. I am blessed, even when I am tired and have had a long week.

Oh, and to make this somewhat running related-5.8 miles this morning. 17 degrees. It was cold, but felt wonderful to be outside. Totally worth it, although I've found I am slow when it's cold.

Thanks for the idea Mel, it put a smile on my face!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Week!

Wow, what a week. I mean, it has been a week! My kids have had colds, again. I think we have had about 2 healthy weeks total since September. Has it been this bad for everyone? Somehow my week got very overbooked with company and activities. I love having company, but three visits in one day from different people is a lot for three kids to digest without going crazy. Getting back into the up at 5am groove has not come as easily as I had hoped. Shocking, I know. 5am i just SO wonderful! Yucky grey cold conditions do not improve my morning disposition. Is it time for summer yet???

Okay, I promise-this is not a whining blog! FYI, I do not like winter. I never have. I even worked for 3 years as a professional snowboard instructor and I still did not like winter. All my co-workers laughed at how many layers I wore each day. My layering for running is just as funny. Having the gym and treadmill as an option is new to me, last year I toughed it out in the cold. I don't know if this year is colder, or if I am just more wimpy since I have the option. (I am guessing the latter, but it has been cold!)

Tuesdays run was on the treadmill, but it was one of those days I would have rather been anywhere else. Mostly in my bed. I met a friend which helped, but I just couldn't get into a groove. I did 5 miles, but they were slow and tedious. I varied the incline every few minutes to try and make it more interesting. Mostly, I watched sports center and dreamed of when my self-imposed treadmill time was done.

Wednesday, I convinced my running partner to run outside with me. Yes, it was cold-25 degrees, but more like 15 with the windchill. However, it felt so much better to be going somewhere! I came home with a big smile on my face. I am an outside runner at heart.

I am working on putting together my training schedule having decided on the Mercer Island Half Marathon. Last time I did the runners world smart coach, and didn't love the schedule they set me up with. My first half, I trained with a more experienced partner who made our schedule. I wish I had kept it, but that was before I was organized enough to keep a log.

My goal for the half is to be sub-2:00. I was so close in my first, 2:02, but struggle to finish. Anyone have suggestions for me? I am my own worst critic, and get so frustrated when I don't meet my time goals. My dream goal would be a 1:45, but I think that is out of reach. I would be thrilled with anything under 2:00.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Blog for 2010

I decided that I needed to start a new running blog for 2010. Let's call it a resolution that will hopefully stick longer than most. So, I will begin with an introduction.

My name is Kasey, and I live in Washington. I have been running for a year and a half now, and love it! I have three kids, 6, 4, and 2 1/2. Running keeps me (mostly) sane. My husband says my "running crazy" is better than any other kind of crazy.

Last year I ran 1515.5 miles. I am so proud of that! On new years eve, I was looking at my training log seeing if I could break 1500, only to see that I was already at 1508. So I settled for making it 1515.5, 6 of which were on the treadmill because of massive amounts of snow. The last 1.5 miles were done at 11pm after a new years party (3 kids, didn't make it to new years-big shock!). My husband drove home, and I ran. This got some pretty strange looks, but it was so fun running home in 8 inches of new snow when the streets were mostly quiet.

Last year I ran 3 5K's (24:03 PR), 4 10K's (50:30 PR), and 2 half marathons (2:02:02 PR). I know I am capable of going much faster. I am working towards learning how to make that happen. I am open to any and all suggestions! I have enjoyed reading others "mommy" blogs, and decided it was time to share my experiences and get a chance for feedback.

The only race on my schedule for this year so far is the Mercer Island Half Marathon. Today was my first training run on my schedule, and I already messed with my plan. My schedule called for a 3 mile tempo @ 8:23. Because I was on the treadmill this morning, (stupid freezing rain-not a fan of winter!) I did 3 x mile repeats @ 8:00 instead, with 800 m recovery, 6.2 miles total with warm up and cool down. Not my best workout, but it was what I was able to accomplish today. It is going to take a few days to get used to getting up at 5am again. Christmas Break spoiled me.