Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I think when it's Dark

I got up at 4:10am to run this morning. It was very very early, and very very dark. My mind was playing funny tricks on me this morning, so I started composing a list in my head. So here we go, (fair warning-very random)

  1. Wearing a headlamp helps a lot. Except it ruins your night vision, so everything outside the beam looks a little freaky.
  2. Headlamp+sweaty forehead=zits. Lame.
  3. I wonder what I look like to cars before they realize I'm a runner?
  4. Why are cars out at 4:30am on a Saturday?
  5. What must they think of ME running in the dark at 4:30am on a Saturday?
  6. Crap! Almost stepped on roadkill. I don't even know what animal it was. Ew!
  7. I think it was a raccoon. Maybe. Why am I still thinking about the dead thing?
  8. Eek! Eyes everywhere! Where did they go? There they are, wth?
  9. Oh, cats. Okay. That's not so bad. A herd of cats? There must be six or seven. Creepy eyes. Quit looking at me!
  10. Oh hello deer family eating breakfast. Um, why is the buck running next to me? Seriously, two blocks? I have a new running partner! Oh, back to his family he goes. That was so weird.
A lot can happen between 4:30-6am when your mind is working overdrive. 9.38 miles done before 6am. The amazing part? It's 2pm and I'm still awake.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tears and Trails

Whew, what a week. I mean whoa. School started for the kids on Tuesday/Wednesday. Yay! I felt a little bad that all the other parents were crying dropping of their kids, and I just felt like doing a happy dance. I'm free!

Okay, that sounds bad, I know. I love my kids. I love being home with my kids. I am blessed to have the opportunity. But I have been home for 8 years, and I am ready for some "me" time. In the daylight. That's right, no more running at 4:30am for me!

What did I do on Wednesday when all three kids were in school? I went for a run. And I just kept going, until I realized I didn't have THAT much time, and I'd better head home. 9.3 miles later. In the daylight. It was great!
The adjustment to school itself this week has had it's rough moments. Oh boy. The 2nd grader is great and is the best brown-nose there is. I'm somewhat proud, somewhat embarrassed about that one. The kindergartner-that's been a little rough. She was SO excited. The first day was FANTASTIC. Day two, not so much. The bus? Um yeah, fail. I got called to come pick her up yesterday because she was terrified of the bus. What? This is my tough kid. The one that nothing phases. The one with my guts than sense. Of course, she is also the kid who still needs a nap. That could have something to do with it. JJ is in preschool for half day, and is loving it. I think. I did have to pry her off my arm this morning. So I wouldn't be late for a running date. Priorities you know.

Trail Running
  1. Trail running is HARD. The hills are brutal.
  2. The view at the top is awesome. I mean incredible. Most of the way the view is fantastic. I am just not coordinated enough to take my eyes off my feet for long!
  3. Hearing animals in the woods is a little freaky. We heard something big that was definitely not a deer. Probably a cougar. Oh boy.
  4. Trail running makes you dirty. Really dirty. And there are a lot of bugs/
    spider webs/etc
  5. My skin does not enjoy the weeds we run through. I've broken out in a rash each time, but Benedryl takes care of it.
  6. Benedryl makes me sleepy.
  7. 6 miles on hilly trails feels like 10.
  8. I'm afraid to take my nail polish off. I think I have my first black toenail. Again, half proud, half dreading.