Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dark Place

I am in a dark place today. The blowing snow outside my window together with a difficult day with my kids moods is not helping. But the real reason for my dark place? No more denial, I am hurt. Which is a crushing blow. I've been here before, but I cannot handle it again. I cannot handle once again not being able to RACE in Seattle at the end of June.

When I started having twinges in my shin, I eased up. When the twinges turned to pain, I stopped running and hit the eliptical. Yesterday I was doing my thing on the eliptical, on the easiest resistance. I was almost to mile four, and I felt a twinge. I slowed down, eased the hill level down. Just past mile four pain shot through my shin. No no no no, this isn't happening. I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I really wanted to throw something. (mature, huh?)

I stopped. I got off the machine, and wiped it down. My leg hurt. Not good at all. I texted my husband for a ride, (he had dropped me off). I went upstairs, and did some upper body, just to feel like I had gotten something from my workout.

I came home defeated. And cried. I don't cry often, and my husband has no idea what to do or say when I do, since it doesn't happen often. I had a pity party on the couch with an ice pack, while my family went to church. (the only bonus-fantastic payoff basketball last night)

I am in a dark place today. I want to eat every piece of candy in the house. I am terrified to eat anything, knowing I can't burn the calories. This is obviously not a healthy place to be, but how do you get out of a dark place?

I made an appointment with a sports doctor for next thursday. I am terrified, but wish it was sooner just for the answers I hope to get.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

three very hyper, sugared up kids!

We had a wonderful day with friends, celebrating the best day of the whole year! And as usual, celebrating involved eating way too much. Time to get back on track tomorrow!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Distance PR!

But not the kind I am actually happy or proud about! I did 8 miles on the elliptical today. Uh yeah. 8 miles of mind numbing elliptical at the gym. Although honestly, I would have kept going if I didn't need to get home for the Easter Egg hunt with the kids.

It was a perfect mild morning, cloudy and 45 degrees. Great long run weather. Instead of enjoying 11 miles with my friend A, I was at the Y on the dreaded elliptical. My shin has been feeling a little sore off and on, the same shin that had a stress fracture last spring. What is it with spring? It's like a conspiracy!

Wednesday afternoon I went for a very rainy 4 mile run. I was keeping a good pace, but feeling a twinge here and there. That had been happening off and on for a week, so I was running fewer miles and minding my form. The last mile of that 4 miler not only was it hailing, but my leg started to HURT. Oh no. Not good. I eased up and made it home, iced right away, and prayed it was okay.

Thursday I did yoga, did a few miles on the elliptical, and had dance. Okay, I could have rested more than that. Friday, my leg was sore just cleaning house and doing laundry. Ice ice baby.

This morning my leg felt fine, no pain walking. Whew! I would've loved to run, and thought about it briefly. And then I remembered last year when I pushed it until I was hurt for 3 1/2 months. 3 1/2 long grumpy months of NO RUNNING. Resting now is sounding like a much better idea, so I can race in Seattle come June.

So off to the Y I went. It was pretty empty for a Saturday morning, but that meant I got to set the TV to the basketball game. I ended up talking on the phone with my mom, and texting A after her run to keep my mind occupied. I was trying to go for distance, keeping my effort pretty even but not too easy. I changed up the hills, but kept the resistance low.

My leg felt fine afterwards, thankfully. So how long should I take it easy before testing my leg on a run again? The gym is closed tomorrow for Easter, so maybe a quick run on the soft trail?

I am not good at taking it easy. Someone hide my running shoes.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Not So Smart Running Moment

A not so smart running moment=a really not fun post race experience

I mentioned how sick I got after the race in my last post. Bummer, but I didn't really focus too much on the why aside from I didn't eat right away. Yesterday I was flipping through an older Runners World, and came across one of the many mentions of what a bad idea it is to take NSAIDS before a race to ward of injuries and soreness.

Of course-we all know that. Duh. Oh wait....

And then I remembered, I went to bed on Friday night with a massive headache. I woke up Saturday morning with a bad headache/almost could be a migraine. Oh no. (This is what my in-laws do to me) So I looked through my medicine cabinet and decided on taking an 800mg Ibuprofen to nip the headache knowing the migraine meds make me dizzy.

800mg!!!! How did this not occur to me sooner? Not a smart decision!!!!! And sure enough, what is one of the side effects with running/racing? It sucks your sodium away. Did I mention I am a salty sweater? Yeah, the light dawned a little late.

There is a reason I earned the nickname Space-Kase.

I feel like an idiot. Well I know what I won't be taking next time for a headache!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pear Blossom Race Report

On Saturday was the Pear Blossom Festival in Medford. They have a 1 mile, 5k, and 10 mile race. The race had sold out at 4000. I signed up for the 10 mile, but went in to the actual race with tempered (low) expectations after having to take nearly two weeks off in March. Saturday morning we needed to leave the house around 6am. My in-laws were in town visiting, and decided to come along. Which meant we got on the road about 6:25, (my MIL grumbling about the ungodly hour all the way). We got into Medford, and the directions we had didn't work because of detours for the race. The race started at 8:15, and it was 7:50. I was starting to stress. I still needed to find A at the start line to get my bib. The fam dropped me off two blocks from the start, and I warmed up (aka RAN) to the start line to find A. They ended up starting a little late, so it worked out okay. Whew. The start coral was CROWDED! It's been a while since I've done a big race like that. The 5k and 1 mile had started half an hour earlier, so it was just the 10 milers and it was still huge. A lined up right near the front since she's speedy, I put myself around the middle. They started counting down, and the muskets were supposed to fire after the countdown. Someone accidentally fired on 3, and we were off. Mile 1: People watching is so great at bigger races. I saw Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble, a guy in a green tutu, and two girls in fairy wings. Mile 2: Still relaxed but dodging people, playing name that brand on runners clothes. Amazingly fun. (my husband thinks this means I have been shopping online too much) Mile 3: We start heading out of town, I am happily holding under a 10 min pace and feeling comfortable. Mile 4: Why am I such a retard trying to drink while running? All they had was water, and my shot blok is stuck in my teeth. The only big hill on this course is between 4-5. It isn't long, but a steep uphill and downhill. I ROCKED that hill. I passed everyone near me. Okay, running all the hills around here is paying off. Mile 5: Lots of people at the turnaround, still feeling really good. Tackle the hill again-same thing. Seeing lots of people starting to walk. Mile 6: Still feeling comfortable, keeping my eye on the green tutu guy. Mile 7: walked through the water stop to make sure it got in my mouth! Mile 8: I feel a twinge in my shin and back off pace a little. Am I hurt? Where is the pain? I walk a water stop, start running again and feel okay. Mile 9: I realize my pace is coasting but I still feel good! I pick it back up. Mile 10: I start picking people off, and pushing the pace. Last mile, 8:55. I try to catch green tutu guy, but miss him by about 30 feet. I did pass 7 women the last mile. 10.1 miles 1:37 9:41 pace I finished feeling great, like I could have run a full half at that pace. Dang, I think I left way too much in the tank. I was being so conservative with my pace not wanting to bonk, I took it too easy!
The only picture my husband got of me from the race. He missed the finish, expecting me about 1:45. So the only picture I have my eyes are closed!

After the race, there was a parade. I changed in the car, and we went to the parade route. All they had for food was bananas, so I ate one but wasn't feeling all that hungry. We went to the coffee shop to get something, but nothing looked good. I wanted salty, not sweet. Shortly after, I got sick to my stomach. Way sick. I've been sick after races before, but this time was the worst! So I spent the parade in the bathroom, and later when we went shopping at Costco, I handed over the list and spent my time dry heaving in the restroom. (TMI I know) I couldn't hold down liquid and knew I needed some calories. It was horrible. I finally kept down some gatorade, and made myself sleep in the car hoping I could make it home without being sick. We made it home, and I started munching, (even though I didn't feel like it) and replacing fluids. By dinnertime, I felt okay. Not great, but okay and able to eat.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling great. Still a little dehydrated, but not at all sore. I am always disappointed when I am not sore after a race-it means I didn't push to the limit. We went out for an easy few miles to loosen up, which turned into 5 gorgeous miles of recovery.