Saturday, February 26, 2011

ABC's of Me

A) Age: 29 (for another few months, the big 3-0 in May!)
B) Bed Size: Queen
C) Chore I hate: Anything in the kitchen. Dishes especially.
D) Dogs: No, sometimes I think I want one-but too much work
E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Coffee! and food immediately after, I wake up starving
F) Favorite Color: Blue and Purple. It really depends on my mood
G) Gold or Silver: White Gold or Platinum. Yellow gold looks terrible on my skin.
H) Height: 5'10"
I) Instruments you play: Piano, clarinet, violin, trumpet. I wanted to be a music major once upon a time
J) Job title: Mom, Wife, Dance Teacher
K) Kids: 3 ages 7, 5, 3 1/2 (boy, girl, girl) Never a dull moment in this house!
L) Live: Klamath Falls, Oregon
M) Mom's Name: Jeri Lee
N) Nicknames: Kase, Space-Kase, Spacey-Kasey (seeing a theme here?), and of course MOM!
O) Overnight Hospital Stays: a night or two for each kid, 2 weeks in ICU after baby #3 with major complications. Not fun!
P) Pet Peeve: People who drive 5 under the speed limit, and general stupidity
Q) Quote from a Movie: ooh, tough pick. We talk in movie quotes around here. "I'm getting the pig!!!" (from the movie Red-highly recommend if you like action movies)
R) Right or Left Handed: Right mostly. I can use either for most things
S) Siblings: Older sister, older brother, two younger half-siblings
T) Time you wake up: right now, around 7am.
U) Underwear: Hipsters
V) Vegetable you Dislike: Mushrooms, Lima Beans
W) What makes you run late: My kids, and my husband. I hate being late! The rest of my family has no sense of urgency
X) X-rays You've had: shin, knees, ankle, elbow, wrist, head and spine-okay what haven't I?
Y) Yummy food you make: I am an awesome baker-cakes, cookies, you name it. Real food cooking, I make a great homemade mac and cheese.
Z) Zoo Favorite Animal: Big cats are my favorites, Leopards, Lions, etc

There you have it!

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