Sunday, May 15, 2011

Injury Update

Injuries of any kind are frustrating. The questions are many-Why? How? What now? Am I better yet? The answers are few-?

Some days my leg feels almost normal. Other days, it hurts with no activity at all. Some days I can do the elliptical without any pain, others even lap swimming hurts. WTH?

I went to a sports doctor last week hoping for answers. Just like last year, the x-ray was clear. No stress fracture. That's good news right? Except it doesn't match up with the pain. The doctor took another side view x-ray and noticed that there is a thickening of my shin bone that shows it is under stress. What he doesn't know is WHY. So, I am on a prescription anti-inflammatory daily that may or may not be helping. And, tomorrow I get to have a bone scan.

So tomorrow morning at 8am, I get injected with radioactive dye. Crazy, huh? Then we wait a few hours for it to circulate all through my body, and I go back to get the bone scan. I guess with the dye it should (hopefully) show the contrast of what's going on with my bone. I hope so! Last year after paying for x-rays and an MRI I had NO answers, just waited until i was pain free. Not a great solution if this is going to keep happening. I miss my run.

I got an email with some race photos. Aren't those the best? Wow. Always so flattering. One wasn't half bad-but what I noticed was that one hip seemed to be dropping. Hmmm. I looked back at another race photo, and saw something similar. After last years injury, I shortened my stride some thinking perhaps over striding was the culprit. Mistake? Now I am wondering if these injuries are not overuse, but something with my form that is fixable. Time to do some research I guess...


  1. Ugh. It is so frustrating. I sort of "changed" by stride this season, too. I shortened a little -- sort of following the Galloway shuffle thing. But I guess it doesn't matter. Argh. I hope you get some answers!

  2. Hi! just found your blog and am now following. I hope your injury gets better soon, how frustrating to be slowed down.