Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 Things Thursday

Happy Thursday! So this is me blogging on drugs. It could be entertaining, or just incoherent.

1. My surgery yesterday went well, and they were hopefully able to fix something. I don't know. The doctor told my husband what all the did, since I was still out with drugs. And him being him-he doesn't remember everything. I guess I will find out more at my post-op appointment in two weeks.

2. It feels so weird to just lay around in bed. I mean weird. It is hard to imagine doing this for the next two weeks. Right now it is easy because moving is seriously ouch. When it isn't so painful, I'm guessing I will need some reminders to take it easy.

3. Drugs are good. Sleep is good. I had a very random running dream, (that the drugs had something to do with). I've got to say, having wings on my shoes would be pretty cool. Of course, the outfit I was wearing looked kind of like an american gladiator outfit. That was definitely the drugs.

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