Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Back, and It's Official!

I have not been active on this blog in, um yeah, forever. Oops. I think part of the reason for that stems from my lack of goals in my training. And laziness. And busyness. So, last year I don't think I raced more than once-it it was on New Years. Sad! Part of it was time, part of it was the timing of the races, (always on Guard Drill!), and part of it was I no longer had a running buddy, and lost my motivation to train hard.

I still ran all year, but lower mileage than I'm used to. I still passed 1200 for the year, but overall it was a blah   kind of running year. That's okay. We'll just call it an off year, and move on.

Which brings me to the title. I am officially registered for the Seattle RNR Marathon. I have been wanting to do a full for two years, but the timing hasn't been right. Honestly, I don't think it will ever be perfect timing, but at least all three kids are in school, and I have time to commit to a training plan. I am doing the Train Like a Mother Finish It plan. I am liking it so far, and am just getting into week 2. 

I also joined a gym by my house, to help with getting strength training done. For all my good intentions to do it at home, it is just too easy to get distracted. So now I go to a strength class on Monday and Wednesday mornings. I am hoping that it will keep me injury free, without being too much for my muscles to handle. 

I am finding it is not the actual training that is hard, (yet), it's the time. Yes the kids are in school, which helps a ton, but life is still crazy busy. Oh, and me being me, I decided to commit to doing Ballet Exams in March. Which means, I have 10+ hours of dance class a week that I'm committed to. On top of marathon training. Yep, I'm a genius. 

Let's get this party started!

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