Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Um, Now What?

I ran 4 miles in the early morning sunshine this morning. It was the first early morning run I've been able to do in a very long six weeks, and it was warm enough to wear my cute running skirt. I felt great during my run, albeit a little out of shape. 4 miles used to be the bear minimum I would run on any given day; today it felt tiring by the end. This disappointed me, but what did I really expect after 6 weeks of only doing ballet, swimming, and aqua jogging?

I was greatly encouraged that I did not hurt during my run, and with the knowledge my MRI was clear. However, in the back of my mind, I was thinking that all is still not well-no matter what the MRI said. I did some research online yesterday after my results came in, and found a few other options of what the trouble might be. The most likely culprit, a longitudinal stress fracture. In other words, going down the length of the bone rather then across. Apparently this type does not show up on an MRI, only with a CT scan.

Although a possibility, I don't WANT to be injured, so I figured I would go with the first answer-my MRI was clear, time to slowly start running again. So back to my run this morning. I am still very much enjoying my new garmin-not sure what his name will be yet. Right now I'm thinking Brick, because it's heavy! I also have a hard time keeping it off the bone on my wrist, which is a bit uncomfortable. Thoughts? I have skinny wrists, kind of incongruous to the rest of my body.

I felt great after my run. A few twinges, but nothing major. I am feeling in the clear! I am clearly on the road to recovery, and my hopes of running Seattle are improving. Two hours later, my shin starts to hurt, and throb, and pulse. Dang. The disappointment is huge.

Right now my plan is to take another week, head back to the pool and give running another try next week. I am not sure if I should try to go back to the doctor, or try to get into a sports doctor to truly find out what's going on. If it is a stress fracture, does it really matter that i have a picture of it? The treatment is the same-rest. What else could it be?

Spend extra money on a sports doctor for an answer, or keep resting and testing?

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