Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seatte Rock n' Roll...

Wait, that is THIS WEEKEND? Whoa, when did that happen? June has slipped away in a frenzy of craziness. I look at my schedule and think, "oh yeah I've got this-no problem." Then things start rolling, and I'm thinking, "What psycho thought I could handle all of this???"

Ballet recitals, (yes, plural-the school I dance for, and the school I teach for) were hugely stressful and majorly time consuming. This was the first recital that I worked, and wow parents are CRAZY! I mean seriously! I got yelled at over the silliest things. Wow people, chill!

The Seattle RNR has come up faster than expected, and I am not ready. More importantly, my shin is no ready. I am on 13 weeks of this injury. 13 WEEKS! I cannot even express my frustrating. I have tried running easy a few different times which feels fine while I run, but hurts 3 hours later. Does that seem strange to anyone else?

I wanted to finish the race, even if it was slow. Now I don't know if that is a good idea or not. My current plan is to finish at least 10k of it and see how I feel. The problem with this plan is that the pain never sets in until after the fact. Hmmm. I know it would be smarter to not run at all, but this is my big race of the summer! I spent good money to experience my first big race, and dang it I want a finishers medal!

I am looking forward to the bloggy meet up dinner. Yay! It will be so great to meet everyone, and hang out. (is it bad I am almost sorry I have to bring my husband? I feel like I have to entertain him)

To walk/jog the whole race? or bow out early?

I weighed myself for the first time in a while...let's be honest, I've been afraid to. For good reason! I am up 12lbs from my lowest weight! I almost cried. I worked so hard to lose the weight, and it is creeping back. I am still working out 5 days a week at least, and being fairly careful about my food intake. *sigh* Running I miss you.

Ready or not, Seattle here I come!


  1. good luck this weekend!!! My weight is creeping up FAST, darn this no running stuff!!

  2. Good luck on Saturday! I'll be there, too.

  3. I think that Harmony at Harm Love is walking and wanted someone to walk with her??? Just a thought. See you tomorrow!!

  4. I'll most likely be walk/run/jogging it too. See you there! Just enjoy the race!

  5. Hey girl! It was SO awesome to meet you this weekend! Looking forward to reading about your race - I hope it went well!

    Sounds like quite the frustrating injury you are dealing with. :(

    And I hear you on the weight woes! I have been struggling to get back to my 'happy weight' lately too.