Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seattle Recap part II

I keep sitting down to write this post, and other things keep coming up. Kids are funny that way.

Normally before a race, I am very organized. I have a plan of what I am wearing head to toe, a plan for fueling during the race, for transportation and everything else. When I was first planning to come to Seattle knowing I was injured, I wasn't even going to go to the starting line. The plan was to just enjoy the expo, have fun at the blogger dinner, and cheer on the sidelines.

Well, I obviously didn't stick with that plan. I decided Friday to run as much as I was able, still not sure if I could or should finish. Of course, this meant that I hadn't packed Shot Bloks. No problem, I'll get them at the expo. Except they didn't have them-all they had were GU Chomps which my tummy does NOT like. Thankfully, Tall Mom Mel saved the day and brought me some shot bloks. Thanks Mel! Not planning very well also left me running in a running skirt (without shorts), and a bra top that didn't match. Not ideal.

My husband was a great sport, and was willing to drop me off at the start so we could get an extra hour of sleep. Well, what sleep we got. I had a hard time falling asleep, and he stayed up too late playing video games. Ha! We got to the drop off spot by 6am, so in good shape. I started following everyone else walking. It was a long walk to the start.

Finally the start line. I have never seen some many runners. I started making my way to corral 6 to meet up with everyone, but no one was there yet. I figured I'd make use of the honey bucket. The lines were crazy long, and caused me to miss the photo op at the meet up, but I was able to see most everyone and meet up with Zoe and her friend. Since Zoe is 5 months along with Goober, she was planning on walking/running the race. I was hoping I could keep up with her!

Standing at the start was awesome. looking back and seeing people lined up ready to race as far as the eye could see.

and....nap time is done, which means my blog time is done for now (not to mention this is getting LONG). The race will have to wait!


  1. Haha! This is when I write blog posts, too! Looking forward to more!

  2. Oh the life of a Mom, squeezing in blog posts during nap time!

    There were an insane amount of runners out there and I could not believe the potty lines!

  3. SOOOO glad I had extra shot blocks around :) And I nearly forgot....URGH I would have felt so bad. I cant wait to hear about your RACE with Zoe +1