Monday, June 27, 2011

Seattle RNR Quick Update

What a great weekend! The expo was a lot of fun, the Bloggy dinner was a fantastic party, and the race was pretty great too.

Okay, the race did not go as I had hoped-but I finished, and got a pretty medal for my effort. I will take it! My time was 2:15ish. I am not on my computer, so I can't load my official Garmin time, and I dont' have the patience for the RNR website. I'll do that later.

My knee was unhappy with my from about mile 7 on, making it a battle of wills to the finish. The will to keep going, but at the same time not to push too hard through the pain and hurt myself more. Success on both accounts! I finished in a ok time, and my knee is already feeling better. I haven't run, but I am feeling better than Saturday and Sunday for sure!

Most importantly, I am done beating myself up over having a few bad races. I have been plagued by injuries all spring, and I have not trained well. Or really, at all. I have gotten mileage in, but in quantity, not quality. No speed work, no tempo work.

So next goal? Get healthy! And then work hard to train better. I will write a full race report with pictures later.


  1. That's a great time especially with a bum knee! Sorry it gave you such a problem but way to push thru and finish that sucker! Happy, speedy healing!

  2. Great job pushing through. I feel the same regarding getting myself back in line and then going for it :) It was great seeing you at the bloggy dinner. I'm a follower now, not sure how I missed you before :) My husband had zero training so we were way slower but had an amazing time.

  3. congrats! sorry to hear about your knee :(

  4. So glad we got to spend a little time together!

  5. Sorry about your knee :(
    Hoping for a speedy recovery!