Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keep on moving on

This morning I actually managed to drag my sorry behind out of bed for a run, (for the first time this week-wow!). I am typically a morning person and don't mind my early morning runs. It is my quiet time-often the ONLY quiet time I get in a day. I have been so tired this week, it just hasn't happened.

I wanted to get back into my routine and make it happen today, even if I still felt sleepy. And boy did I feel sleepy. It is way too easy to get used to sleeping until 7am! I did manage to get out the door by 6:00 which is a little later than usual, but I'll take it.

I did my 5 mile loop this morning, and by the end of it I felt like a runner again. Thank God! I knew my body just needed rest, but having a bad run is stressful to no end. Silly, I know. I did just race on Sunday-which already feels like forever ago.

My 5 miles was not fast, but it was not slow either. My feet remembered how to pick themselves up again instead of dragging and tripping their way along. (Tuesdays night run was really that bad) And now I am ready to start training again. I will take the rest of this week as a down week, but want to start picking it up again right away. Maybe. We'll see how it goes!

I am looking for a 10k or something of the like in April, but haven't found anything yet. I wish there were more races around here! A runner friend mentioned she might go to Trout Lake for the half marathon, just for the day. Oh..tempting. It is 3 hours from here, so I didn't want to drive it on my own, or pay for a hotel to go. I thought, perfect! I can do the 10k. Can I hop in the car with you?

But then I started thinking...if I'm going anyways, why not just do the half? I've already put in the mileage but haven't had time to work on the speed for a 10k. I did trout lake last year as my first half. It is a pretty flat course, only one little hill. (flat as a pancake if you compare it to Mercer!) Hmmm

I admit, I really hope she decides to go-and takes me too!


  1. So glad you are feeling better, glad you got a good run in!
    Can't wait to hear if you do the half or not! Keep us posted!

  2. go for the half! you can do it!