Monday, March 29, 2010

March Showers bring April Flowers? Please?

Or better yet, BRING SUN!

It is spring break here. Yay! Except, the weather is not cooperating. Today it is raining and blowing like crazy. We are on a wind advisory all day, with gusts up to 55mph. Doesn't that sound fun? Three kids+no school+bad weather=restless grumps! I can tell I will need to get creative this week.

The good news, the rain held off for my run this morning. It was breezy, but not gale force winds which was great. Speed work in the wind makes a hard workout near torture. I did not have a super hard workout scheduled today, keeping in mind the fact that Saturday's run was TERRIBLE. Seriously body, get with the program here! The mind is willing, the body is whining.

And unfortunately, winning the battle for the moment. Saturday I set out for a "long" run of about 8 miles. The first two miles, my knee hurt. I told myself I would turn around if it didn't feel better by the end of town. It did, so onward I went. Then my left shin started hurting again at about the halfway point (isn't that always the case?). I ignored it, and tried to concentrate on my stride. I struggled to finish 7.8 miles. That annoyed me. I sat and stewed in my ice bath, angry at my shoes or my legs or whatever was making my runs so bad.

Sunday I rested and iced. Well, more or less. I was also on my feet a lot. *side note* I am a "yes" person (I'm working on that) so even though I had had a huge week, I had agreed to sing for a Haiti Benefit that was going on. Good cause, but huge time suck! I was gone all afternoon, and on my feet for a lot of it.

The grey morning suited how I felt about getting up this morning. But I was determined to get to the track, especially since I mentioned to one of the soccer moms that a few of us meet at the track Monday mornings. I couldn't not show! I normally run a 1.5 mile route to the track. Today, I cut it a bit short just wanting to get there. I was somewhat relieved to see that none of the regulars were there, and the soccer mom did not show.

I want to work on my speed so was starting with 200s. My first was almost 10 seconds slower than usual. Not a great start. On my second repeat, my left shin started hurting again. Uh oh. I tried one more, which made it very clear that speed was so not happening today. So here is what went on in my little brain-"I know! I'll do a fartlek. Nope, that hurt too. Bummer. I guess I'll just head home. Wait! It doesn't hurt so bad! Try to go fast again! Crap, still hurts. Go home. I know, I'll just try a tempo to get home faster. Oh, and add a few blocks. I might as well make it worth it! Okay, I added a mile. It isn't hurting so bad. (at home) I lied. It hurts."

Brain, you are a tricky thing, and not so smart sometimes. I am starting to worry about a stress fracture. The very thought makes me cringe. I have a visible bruise on my shin that has been there in varying degrees for a few weeks I think. I am a klutz, so I dismissed the mystery bruise. But it isn't going away, and is sort of a lump. Thoughts anyone? I told my husband I would call the doctor this morning, but am procrastinating. I don't like the doctor anyways, and especially not if they are going to tell me not to run! I know, not so smart. I'll call. Really. I am telling myself if I deal with it now, if it is an injury it can be dealt with before the Seattle RNR. But I don't want to waste money on the doctor if it is really just a bruise!

I am open to suggestions. Happy Monday-well, I'm trying.

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