Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recovery Blues

Okay, calling it the blues may be a little overly dramatic. That being said, I am still feeling very "off". Monday I was seriously sore and walking like an old lady. I was proud to be so sore, and very willing to take Monday very easy with just normal activity. Tuesday morning I woke up to run and my joints were still hurting. My muscles felt better, but the bones in my left foot, my right shin, and left hip all ached so I turned off the alarm and figured I would take two rest days.

That seemed like a great plan, until the afternoon when it was sunny and 65 degrees. How can any runner resist that? I took my son to soccer practice, and left from there to do a 30 minute run. It felt like I hadn't run in a year. How is that possible? Aches, sore feet, and my stride felt weird. Even so, the weather was glorious and I was happy to be running.

This morning I set my alarm to run again. No go. I have never had a post race recovery like this. Normally I take one day off and start right back up again. My body has apparently decided not this time!

I am somewhat wary of the pain in my foot in particular-worrying about a stress fracture. I did a two hour ballet class this morning and aside from feeling tired, my body felt fine. I am planning on doing an easy run tomorrow, and hoping for the best.

Has anyone else ever had trouble bouncing back like this? It's kind of weirding me out!

PS My new runningskirt got here today. Very excited! For some reason I thought it had the shorts underneath, and not just briefs. Hmm. I clearly miss-read the website, looking at it now. I'm a little concerned about chaffing-thoughts? (even with bodyglide)


  1. My last half was like that....sometimes your body just needs rest. I would take it easy, especially if you think you might have a stress fracture in your foot. Go get it checked out! :)

  2. I hear you about the running skirt--I have not ordered one just for that reason. Unfortunately, I run into the chaffing issue with some skirts with compression shorts too---the body glide does seem to work, but I have not run with them in really hot weather on really long runs yet.

    I am schedule to run 12 miles tomorrow (my longest run ever); I plan on wearing a skirt with body glide--I guess we will see how it goes.

    P.S. I am a Casi (pronounced KC) too.