Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It has been a very traumatic day around here. Lily is lost. Who is Lily? My 2 year old's snuggle pet/blanket that she cannot sleep or live without. It is in our house somewhere, but we have turned the house upside down looking since yesterday afternoon and nothing. I'm sure any of you moms out there understand the implications of a missing snuggle. It has not been pretty. Added to the fact that the weather is still horrible, all three kids spent the morning crying and/or whining-spring break is not off to a great start.

As for running, I did go this morning. I realize I should have rested, but I just wanted to get out and try. How did I justify this? Surely it is just the shoes. I wore an older pair of my Asics to see how they felt. I ran down the block, and it hurt. So I turned around to head home. But wait, it doesn't hurt so much anymore! Keep running the other way, and maybe around the block. The big block. Ended with 3.65 miles.

My shin really felt okay until the last half mile which lulled me into thinking my shoes are just the problem. That still could be the case, (hoping) but my shin has been throbbing off and on since my run. Dang.

My husbands car broke down again, crabby kids and a toddler who won't sleep without her Lily, and a possible injury for me. Spring break, can I have a re-do?

(sorry for the whining this week. I'm working on it!)

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