Tuesday, April 20, 2010

100 Things about Me

After reading a few other 100 things lists, I thought I'd give it a go since I have nothing running related to report. (unfortunately) We'll see if I can come up with 100!

  1. I am 28 years old
  2. But my birthday is in just a few weeks, May 7th!
  3. I love my birthday and presents
  4. After becoming a mom, I have had to lower my expectations since the day no longer gets to be all about me. This was a difficult transition
  5. I hated my name growing up because it was a boys name
  6. When I complained to my mom, she called me Penelope for almost a year, which made me cry. Suddenly Kasey didn't seem so bad
  7. My name was spelled "Casey" when I was born. My mom switched it when I was 4 months old
  8. She wanted to switch it again when I was in high school to "Kaci" I told her to leave it alone
  9. I am 5'10", the tallest girl in my family
  10. My mom is 5'1"-I was taller than her in the 4th grade
  11. I didn't want to get married until I was over 30
  12. I got married when I was 20
  13. We had our honeymoon in Florida
  14. The highlights were the roller coasters and getting to help with the dolphin show at Busch Gardens
  15. I didn't ever want kids
  16. I have 3 kids
  17. I am ridiculously competitive
  18. It drives me crazy that my kids are so competitive with each other
  19. My last real job before having kids was a Professional Snowboard Instructor
  20. I was a snowboard instructor until I was 5 1/2 months pregnant
  21. I love movies
  22. I can't usually pass the shelf of $5 DVDs without buying one
  23. My husband and I rarely have conversations without movie quotes thrown in
  24. Yes, we are nerds
  25. I love disaster movies-Volcano, The Day After Tomorrow, The Core, 2012. They make me laugh
  26. Movies put me to sleep-I usually last less then 10 minutes
  27. My middle toe is longer than my big toe
  28. It is also shaped like an alien
  29. I hold my pen between my index and middle finger
  30. I love music
  31. I grew up playing the piano, trumpet, violin and clarinet
  32. I can still play the piano and the clarinet
  33. The violin is very painful on the ears when you are learning
  34. I got my first tattoo right after I turned 18
  35. Now I have three
  36. The only other tattoo I would consider would be a wedding band
  37. I forget to wear my wedding ring a lot
  38. My favorite color is blue
  39. When I shop for clothes, I am usually in the mood for a certain color depending on the day
  40. I have always made fun of my sister for being "type A"
  41. My son is SO type A it is scary
  42. God has a funny sense of humor sometimes
  43. I love puzzles
  44. Doing a puzzle with three little kids around is a challenge
  45. I haven't tried a new puzzle in a while because of this
  46. I am always cold, especially my feet
  47. When I take an ice bath, I turn blue
  48. I love to read
  49. I tend to ignore the world when I have a new book
  50. My husband doesn't like to read by me because I read faster
  51. He once quizzed me on a chapter because he thought I was skimming to be faster
  52. I won
  53. Playing old maid growing up with my siblings, the cards were marked
  54. I cried every time I lost for years
  55. I didn't know the cards were marked until I was 20
  56. My family is competitive
  57. My husband's face when he first saw the winners dance was priceless(yes there is a dance)
  58. We are also bad winners
  59. I've gotten better since having kids
  60. I still hate to lose
  61. My husband won't play board games with me anymore
  62. I like to color in my kids coloring books when they are asleep
  63. I have my own box of crayons that I don't share to keep the tips nice
  64. I am a little addicted to Facebook
  65. I do not like any of the Facebook games like Farmville
  66. I cannot stand the sound of crunching ice, or when the kids crunch suckers
  67. I loved to crunch ice when I was pregnant
  68. The sound was still horrible
  69. I always tell everyone my husband is the same height as me
  70. I think I am actually 1/4 inch taller
  71. I wanted to marry someone over 6' so I could feel petite
  72. I enjoy driving and drive most of the time, even when my husband is in the car
  73. It bugs my dad that I drive when my husband is in the car
  74. Wearing a dress makes me self conscious
  75. I really like wearing skirts
  76. It is hard to find skirts that are long enough when you are tall
  77. I love ballet and used to dream about dancing professionally
  78. A teacher flat out told me I was too big, which broke my heart
  79. I still love it, and am enjoying teaching it
  80. People who don't try their hardest drive me nuts
  81. My running shoes are the only shoes I own that lace up
  82. I would prefer to wear sandals over anything else
  83. My kids make me laugh and make me want to scream all at once
  84. I like my girls' hair to be fixed at all times-it bothers me when little girls look like they haven't had their hair brushed in a week
  85. I rarely fix my own hair, and just leave it in a ball or bun
  86. It bothers me when people mispronouce my daughters name, or spell my sons name wrong
  87. I went out of my way to make them origional-what did I expect?
  88. I lose my cell phone on a regular basis in my house
  89. I am a picky eater
  90. I do not like the taste of meat at all
  91. I was a complete vegetarian until I was pregnant with my first
  92. I had one beef craving with each pregnancy
  93. I still only eat chicken if it is heavily seasoned and cleverly disguised to not taste like chicken
  94. I have no idea how to cook anything meat related but chicken
  95. My sweet tooth is my biggest hurdle to eating healthy
  96. I love to bake, especially when I am stressed
  97. My kids are picky eaters and it drives me crazy
  98. I love the feeling of clean sheets
  99. I hate doing dishes and only do them when my husband is out of town
  100. The classic Scooby-Doo cartoons are still my favorites, but they still scare my kids

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