Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Favorite Things

I am missing running, no surprise there. What is making me smile is my running "stuff" that I am missing. For fun, I thought I'd make a list to see where it went.

Running Stuff
  • Lacing my shoes. They are my only shoes that lace. Isn't that funny?
  • My Balega socks. I love those socks.
  • My NEON YELLOW Brooks Vest. That vest is so LOUD I love to wear it!
  • My music-running is the best time I have to listen to my own music. Right now my ipod is getting used mostly for Ballet music-not nearly as fun
  • My running log, now I call it my exercise log. I liked it better when I was recording MILES not laps
  • My watch-I realized the only time I use a watch is when I run
  • Alone time-swimming laps is pretty solitary, but there are still people around that chat while you rest. I didn't realize how much I enjoy just being ME
  • Mountain Berry Shot Bloks for long runs

Good Stuff about NOT Running (this list will be short)

  • Less laundry
  • Charging my ipod less
  • My watch and sports bra tan lines are fading. (I'm actually pretty proud of those tan lines)

Wow, that's all I've got. Anyone have something to add to the list?

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