Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Things

My blogs this week have been real downers. I am not normally a negative person-at least, I try hard not to be. Yes, we all know it is not fun to be injured (I am not admitting I am officially injured), but who wants to read whining? I don't even like writing it, although I freely admit it feels good to vent. Venting to non runners doesn't really count since they don't get it.

So today's blog is going to be about GOOD THINGS!

  1. New Runners World today! Let me hear a Woot Woot! And I showed more willpower than usual and did not read the whole thing in one sitting. It might last me until tomorrow.
  2. Runners World has an article about dealing with being injured. It made me laugh. Oh the irony!
  3. I got to sleep in two days in a row past 7am! Wow! I miss my morning run, but the extra sleep is something I could get used to.
  4. And better yet, a cute 2 year old blonde barista took my coffee order in bed, and my husband delivered it. Good way to start the morning. (we make our own espresso at home)
  5. That cute 2 year old finally took a nap today WITHOUT her SNUGGLE! Huge step, and will make my evening much better. (finding her snuggle would be even better. Lily is still missing!)
  6. I got ALL the star coins on Super Mario Brothers Wii. For any of you that have that game, you know it is a huge deal! (sad, I know-but my son loves that game)

I have not run since Tuesday. I did ballet yesterday, and some ballet conditioning and core work today. (all no impact) My shin feels fine when I am walking around on it. Should I try running tomorrow? Just to see? I could go swim instead, but I have a hard time getting in a cold pool when it's cold outside. I know, I'm such a wimp.

Try to run? Or Swim? I don't know if I can handle three days in a row of sleeping in.


  1. Love the positive vibe and the little barista

  2. I got my Runners World today, too! I flipped through it as I was icing my calf today but I like to save it for bedtime when I can relax and read it uninterrupted.

  3. Great list. I laughed at the Runners World true. Go swim...that is so fun! I am feeling negative on my blog too...I hate sounds negative but I guess when you are a runner...that happens. Hope your doing well!

  4. I have to restrain myself with the RW too:) I try to make it at least last 2 days.