Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I decided to run this morning feeling the need to get out and have ME time. It was AWESOME and so totally worth it. I did not give myself a lot of time, which was probably wise. The temptation to keep going was strong!

I ran less than 3 miles, and I definitely felt my shin. It didn't feel good, but it wasn't horribly painful either-just there. My stride felt normal, so I kept going. It felt amazing this morning! It was a perfect 37 degrees, and you could feel a storm coming in the air. The sky was bright red in the east. I mean BRIGHT RED! I wish I had a camera with me. It felt great knowing that I was one of the few people out and about to see that incredible start to the morning.

Then being able to watch as the clouds started rolling in, covering the red sky. It started to rain lightly and it just felt wonderful to be out and moving. My breathing easy, upper body relaxed, just enjoying the feeling of running in the early morning quiet. The clouds dropped lower and opened. It rained a little harder. No wait, now it's snowing. It didn't start coming down hard until I was 3 blocks from home. It worked out perfectly.

I came home relaxed, refreshed, and ready to be a much happier mom. My shin is hurting somewhat now, but I maintain it was worth it! There is something so incredible about experiencing a beautiful morning while running. It was a perfect way to start Good Friday, having that quiet time to be thoughtful and thankful.

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