Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Not So Smart Running Moment

A not so smart running moment=a really not fun post race experience

I mentioned how sick I got after the race in my last post. Bummer, but I didn't really focus too much on the why aside from I didn't eat right away. Yesterday I was flipping through an older Runners World, and came across one of the many mentions of what a bad idea it is to take NSAIDS before a race to ward of injuries and soreness.

Of course-we all know that. Duh. Oh wait....

And then I remembered, I went to bed on Friday night with a massive headache. I woke up Saturday morning with a bad headache/almost could be a migraine. Oh no. (This is what my in-laws do to me) So I looked through my medicine cabinet and decided on taking an 800mg Ibuprofen to nip the headache knowing the migraine meds make me dizzy.

800mg!!!! How did this not occur to me sooner? Not a smart decision!!!!! And sure enough, what is one of the side effects with running/racing? It sucks your sodium away. Did I mention I am a salty sweater? Yeah, the light dawned a little late.

There is a reason I earned the nickname Space-Kase.

I feel like an idiot. Well I know what I won't be taking next time for a headache!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I hope you are feeling better!