Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Distance PR!

But not the kind I am actually happy or proud about! I did 8 miles on the elliptical today. Uh yeah. 8 miles of mind numbing elliptical at the gym. Although honestly, I would have kept going if I didn't need to get home for the Easter Egg hunt with the kids.

It was a perfect mild morning, cloudy and 45 degrees. Great long run weather. Instead of enjoying 11 miles with my friend A, I was at the Y on the dreaded elliptical. My shin has been feeling a little sore off and on, the same shin that had a stress fracture last spring. What is it with spring? It's like a conspiracy!

Wednesday afternoon I went for a very rainy 4 mile run. I was keeping a good pace, but feeling a twinge here and there. That had been happening off and on for a week, so I was running fewer miles and minding my form. The last mile of that 4 miler not only was it hailing, but my leg started to HURT. Oh no. Not good. I eased up and made it home, iced right away, and prayed it was okay.

Thursday I did yoga, did a few miles on the elliptical, and had dance. Okay, I could have rested more than that. Friday, my leg was sore just cleaning house and doing laundry. Ice ice baby.

This morning my leg felt fine, no pain walking. Whew! I would've loved to run, and thought about it briefly. And then I remembered last year when I pushed it until I was hurt for 3 1/2 months. 3 1/2 long grumpy months of NO RUNNING. Resting now is sounding like a much better idea, so I can race in Seattle come June.

So off to the Y I went. It was pretty empty for a Saturday morning, but that meant I got to set the TV to the basketball game. I ended up talking on the phone with my mom, and texting A after her run to keep my mind occupied. I was trying to go for distance, keeping my effort pretty even but not too easy. I changed up the hills, but kept the resistance low.

My leg felt fine afterwards, thankfully. So how long should I take it easy before testing my leg on a run again? The gym is closed tomorrow for Easter, so maybe a quick run on the soft trail?

I am not good at taking it easy. Someone hide my running shoes.

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