Friday, August 12, 2011

An Eventful Run

Remember how I am running at 4:30am? And that it's very dark? I was going to get out my headlamp, right? But I forgot Wednesday morning. It was early, and I didn't want to go digging through the garage since I don't know exactly where my headlamp is. I have been running every day in the dark, what's one more?

Event #1
Running along with my ipod on very low, listening to my feet and crickets. Out jumps a big 6 point buck 4 feet in front of me. My heart went in my throat. Scary! He meandered away, not at all concerned about the gasping human.

Event #2
I run in bright reflective clothing, even though I didn't have a light. Neon pink running skirt, white reflective top. Typically there is not much traffic to worry about. About a mile into my run I was going down a quiet, narrow street, the speed limit is 25mph. A truck comes roaring up the hill going at least 40. I move over, he does not. I end up jumping in the bushes on the shoulder. Awesome.

Event #3
On the way home now, running up the big long hill. It is feeling easier (finally!). It is still really dark. Normally the sky is lightening by now, the days must be getting shorter. Bummer. Crossing the street, running along. I step in a big hole, and roll my ankle. Ugh, really? Thankfully I have gumby ankles. I roll them all the time, and have sprained that right ankle so many times I don't think it is possible to sprain it. I am hurting for a few blocks, and after that it isn't so bad. And now I'm needing to speed up so I'm not late getting home.

Walk in the door at 5:47 (hubby likes to leave by 5:45). Garmin is at 5.44. Normally I like to do sprints or short hill repeats in front of my house to land on even mileage. My ankle is making some noise-I'll call it good.

Not the most successful run ever, but I got it done. We went about our normal day. I laid around for a good part of the afternoon, because I was GRUMPY and the kids were driving me CRAZY. A new book was a good thing to hide in. When I finally got up and around in the evening. my ankle was a little sore. Huh. Unusual. I set my alarm like normal.

Get up at 4:22, walk to the bathroom to get dressed. Ouch. Really? Still complaining, ankle? Not cool. One day of rest won't hurt. And my bed did feel pretty good.

Friday morning, set the alarm for 5 planning on just doing 2-3 miles to see how it goes. It hurts to point my toes. Seriously? I am feeling like I have the absolute worst luck with injuries and sickness lately. So frustrating! And with a complaining ankle, there isn't a lot of other things I can do for exercise. Can't dance, can't do yoga, can't do any of my videos, had to do push-ups and planks on my knees. Two days off, including not great eating, not great for weight loss.

I am down two pounds. Well, I was on Wednesday. Yesterday there was cake. And pizza. Sigh.

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  1. Oh geez! Sounds like a crazy run! I'm glad that you weren't seriously hurt by oncoming traffic OR the buck...but I hope your ankle stops complaining ASAP. Heal heal heal!