Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Running, Silly Kids

Summer weather is here! Which is great! And happy! And wonderful! And it is finally HOT! So what does this mean for my running? Running at 4pm is no longer much of an option. Too hot, and way too buggy.

This is a midge. Around here, they are more bright green than this
photo, but they are EVERYWHERE. The good news is, they eat the mosquitoes, and they don't bite. However, they hang out in big clouds of buggy nastiness, making in very hard to run without ingesting more of them than I care to think about.

Combine hot weather with the eating of many green bugs, and suddenly getting up before 4:30am to run doesn't sound THAT bad. Until about three days in, then I am starting to consider fighting off the bugs.

Running in the early morning is a different experience all together. Some interesting things I have seen this week:
  • Bats-lots of bats that like to hang under and overpass I run under for pretty much all my routes. I've only been dive bombed once, which was kind of freaky, other than that they aren't so bad.
  • Deer-a lot of deer that are not all that worried about one solitary runner in the early morning. That means, I get to stop and wait for the deer to meander out of my way.
  • Even though it's the middle of summer, it is DARK at 4:30. For some reason I have resisted using my headlamp, because Hello! It's summer! This lasted until I almost biffed it big time tripping on a crack I did not see. It would have been a stupendous fall.
  • Hills seem harder in the dark. I realize this is all in my head, but dang, the hills are beating me up! and no matter where I run, I am looking at a climb of at least 1 mile straight up to get home. I know they will make me a stronger runner, and I'm thankful for that, but right now I just feel out of shape and annoyed.

I will leave this post with a couple of quotes from my kids

(at walmart grocery shopping) K: "Mom! You should get this! It says it will help you los

e some pounds! See, it says right here, lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks! You should get it and lose some pounds" Gee, thanks. The lady shopping next to us tried to hold in her laughter, and just couldn't. I agree. It was pretty stinking funny.

A, to her brother and sister: "You need to treat me like royalty! Don't you know that? You need to treat me like royalty, and this is most certainly not the way you treat royalty!"

A: "Mom, if girls have to wear shirts when it's hot, so should boys. Because that's not fair. And besides, no body wants to see THAT!"

And a picture of JJ who was clearly hot at bedtime. She looks like she was shot and fell that way. Play hard, crash hard. And yeah, she is clearly getting too big for her toddler bed.

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