Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Rewind

How is it that time goes so slow and so fast all at once? I blinked, and the weekend was gone. Wait, it's Tuesday? Crap.

So here's how it went down:
  • Thursday/Friday my ankle was making noise so no running. I made a pathetic effort at core work and push ups to make up for it. Yeah, pathetic.
  • Saturday I was going to run first thing. First thing turned into 10am. It was hot, and I didn't bring my handheld. I am a GENIUS! I knew I was in trouble when I stopped sweating over a mile from home. Finished with 6 miles, but had a killer headache the rest of the day.
  • Sunday I got up early to get in some miles before church. Squeezed in 7 miles, and still had time to shower and get to church on time. Go me.
This week already has me as a messed up ball of stress. It is not pretty. One minute I'm okay, the next I'm screaming at the kids for leaving a toy in my living room that I JUST CLEANED! What is going on that is so stressful?

We were waiting for word on hubby's job-a sort of promotion into a permanent slot leading up to the official promotion in November. Chief What's-his-name already told him the job was his, we were just waiting for the official announcement. And....it went to the other guy. Wait, WTH? The guy with the lower rank, less time in service, and less qualifications? Huh?

How is this running related? Well, I had intended to get up early as usual for a run Monday morning. I had (another) bad headache, so it just didn't happen. I figured I would go later, or just rest or whatever. Until this news came at lunch time. I was already having a DAY with the kids, and this just sent me over the edge. It was either cry, scream, or eat the frosting in my fridge. I needed a run! So, I called my friend A and begged her to keep my kids for an hour. Like a good friend, she knew I was on the edge in a big way, and I was able to drop off the three crazies and run for my life. 5 painful miles in the mid day heat. It was great. Hilly, hard, and completely consuming and distracting from everything else. And suddenly, I could be mom without screaming at them for everything. Mostly. (seriously, school needs to start NOW)

The next stressful event on the agenda? My mother-in-law is coming to visit tomorrow. And staying with us, for the first time in 8 years. They always stay in hotels. Oh boy. Let the cleaning frenzy begin. My MIL likes to stay busy, but there is little to do around here since it is peak bug season. We'll see how it goes.

In other news, my shoes are already about dead. Sheesh. I just got them in May, but I am over 400 miles in them and my feet are starting to hurt after runs. I run in the Asics Nimbus, but would like to switch into a lighter shoe I think. I just hate ordering something that MIGHT work, when I know the Nimbus works fine and I won't have to deal with any returns. There isn't a running store around here within 200 miles to go try anything on. Suggestions? I am tempted by the Newtons Distance, and the New Balance Minimas, but wonder if I still need a more heavy duty shoe for longer runs?

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