Sunday, March 13, 2011

Run for the Music 10k

Saturday was the Run for the Music race. I was so excited to have a race to look forward to, even knowing I was not in shape for a fast time. Speed work needs to be added to my schedule in a hurry! The course is hilly, but I'd run a lot of it before so I knew what to expect.

Rewind slightly-went to the dentist last week for tooth pain. I have a wisdom tooth with a hole in it that is mega painful, and needs to come out. (scheduled this Tuesday for all four-ouch!)

Friday night my tooth hurt, and I wasn't feeling the best. Then the cramps started. Oh no, really? It couldn't have waited one more day? Sometimes they aren't so bad, other times they are debilitating. Guess which kind I was blessed with? Ugh!!! So I spent Friday night taking various drugs every two hours and keeping heat on my stomach. I did not sleep.

Saturday morning I got a text from A-"Excited to race?" Um, yes and no. I love to race! But everything in me wanted to bail. I had not signed up for this race ahead of time. I should just stay home. I got up, did my breakfast (with Advil) and figured I'd hope for the best. I would be happy with anything under an hour.

The race was put on by one of the high school bands, with a 1 mile, 5k, and 10k. The band members all ran with their instruments. Pretty hilarious to see the guy running with a tuba. Much easier on the flutist. People turned off for the 1 mile.

I was holding a comfortable 9:30ish pace, not wanting to go out too fast. It is uphill the first 2 miles, so I just wanted to maintain a good pace. There was a water stop at the turn around for the 5k. I would rather just be thirsty in a shorter race then stop. Most of the runners around me turned at the 5k, I kept my sights on a few in front of me.

Mile 2.5 is a BIG uphill into the park. I've run this park with A and it is HILLY. I got passed for the first time on this hill, but passed her before the top. I saw A on her way back already and cheered her on-speedy girl! (she finished first female 45:41)

The turnaround meant a great downhill stretch. I am realizing I am not a great downhill runner. Easier yes, but my stride isn't smooth. Hm. Something to work on. Heading back on the road I set my sights on 4 ladies ahead of me and started picking up the pace. The last slow uphill I started really feeling blah.

I started picking off the women ahead of me, passing all 4 with about half a mile to go. I was so glad to see the turn for the finish. What I didn't realize was, it wasn't the finish yet. I started my kick too soon. We had to run around the outside of the school and around to the track. I just wanted to be done! I could feel myself slowing down a little until we got on the track. I kicked with what I had left, swerving around walkers in the finish shoot.

Finish Time 55.37

My splits were not at all even, but hills and not feeling well, and whatever. I was thrilled to finish under a 9:00 average. Nothing close to the 50:00 I used to be able to run, but for now, I'll take it!

Today we were under a wind advisory with 60mph gusts, so no running. I woke sore from the race, which made me really happy. Sometimes when I'm not sore I worry I didn't work hard enough. I was sorry to not get a recovery run today, but the weather did not cooperate, and the gym was closed.

Plan for tomorrow: get up and run really early, if the wind has died down. Otherwise the gym during preschool. Surgery Tuesday, so not sure when I can run after that!

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