Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The sniffles and a Massage

Saturday A and I ran 11 difficult miles on Saturday, in the rain. I felt lousy for most of the run. I had fueled badly for the run, and worse-for the whole week. I munched all week long and didn't eat real meals, and very little protein. It was one of those weeks when time just gets away from you and it's hard to fit it all in.

I shouldn't have been surprised to have a sore throat on Sunday, and a stuffy nose by Sunday night. I rested Sunday and enjoyed a pajama day after church. Monday I woke feeling lousy. I started on Zicam Monday morning, and spent the day sleeping on the couch. Two rest days in a row felt weird-but I know it was the best thing since I wasn't feeling great. I even skipped ballet Monday night (my hubby made me).

Tuesday I was still drinking lots, and taking Zicam. It seemed to be doing the trick, I was over the worst! I had a massage Tuesday afternoon that was horribly painful, (it was to treat chronic headache/migraine issues). She also told me my hip was out. After pushing and pulling and OW! It felt awesome!

So, that decided it for me-a short run was in order. I called A, and although she had already run, she was game for a few more miles. We did an easy 3.5. I felt tired, but my gait felt so much better than on Saturday. Who knew? The massage therapist said my left leg was probably almost an inch shorter then my right because of my hip. Huh. I'm hoping this can justify more (hopefully less painful) massages.

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