Monday, February 8, 2010

Hills, Speed, and other Good Things

How is it already Monday again? I always thought stay at home moms, you know, stayed at home. Somehow that isn't quite the case as busyness takes over.

Since I have been out of bloggyland since Tuesday, (yikes!) quick recap on my week.
  • Wednesday: Tempo run. I had anxiety dreams the night before this run. Tempos are so mental for me. Or maybe I'm just mental-either way. 6.3 miles total, splits: 8:28, 7:57, 8:08, 8:37, 7:43. I have got to work on my pace consistency!
  • Thursday: I taught Ballet Conditioning again, and it went FANTASTIC! My class grew by word of mouth, people are loving the work out. It makes me feel good.
  • Friday: 4.5 miles started off slow, my legs didn't want to move. A downpour of rain got me moving faster, last mile was a 7:30. I just wanted to be dry!
  • Saturday: 9.8 miles. I ran from my house to my mom's to fit it into our Saturday play schedule, looking for 90 minutes (60 min easy, 30 at pace). I was congratulating myself on my planning, thinking I had planned this just splendidly. Started in at pace doing fine, not feeling too tired-until I hit the hill. The holy crapola that is a big hill. I should have thought this plan out better. Gah! I didn't even check my pace, but I pushed as hard as I could while still breathing! (pats back) I actually got to my destination too fast, and needed to add on a bit. Success! 9:17 average overall.
  • Monday: 4.25 miles Speed work at the track. I could not find my watch! What a Monday! Finally I had to make a choice, scrap the run as time was getting short, or just go with feel. Knowing I had NO TIME to make it up-I went for it. 8x400 sub 1:50. I felt good through the workout, and might have added a couple of repeats if I had more time. Guessing on my times of course, but I think I totally nailed it. Came home, changed, ate a Cinnabon (bad bad bad) and went to Circuits. (the Cinnabon guilt helped with motivation-why are those SO GOOD?) 1 hr circuits class=hard core! It is one of those things that can be as easy or hard as you want. After a weekend of bad food choices, I went as hard as I could! Hopefully it at least worked off the frosting.


I got new shoes on Saturday. After much deliberation, I decided on the Saucony Progrid Guide 3. I am excited to have new shoes, but wary that these will work. I really hope they work! Shoe review to come tomorrow after my easy run.


  1. SAHMs... do not stay home. Great work last week.

  2. Way to run! FAst and far! I have my 9 miler on Friday and hopeing it goes well.

    I agree totally about the whole Staying at home as a stay at home really isn't true. I am busier as a mom than I ever was before kids.

  3. I love getting new shoes too. I hope those work out for you.

    As far as your tempo paces being consistent that's hard. I have gotten better except the last mile is usually slow. I have a Garmin and that helps me not vary as widely.

    I'm impressed with your speed work 400 splits. You're fast!