Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Do You Want for Valentine's Day?

My husband was whining about what they expect you (meaning men) to pay for Valentine's Day roses. Over $100 most places. I pointed out that Costco has a reasonable deal of 3 dozen with a vase for $65. I also pointed out that I don't expect him to pay that much money for flowers. His comment back was right on: "I'd be better off spending the money on something you can lace up or a race fee." Running shoes or a race fee? Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day gift to me!

Today's run: Easy 4.6 mile loop, 44:00 or so. I couldn't find my watch this morning. Foggy, grey, and gloomy. It was a good run to zone out. Fog has a funny effect that way-it makes everything feel slow. My shoes are feeling very dead-I was feeling achy in my knee and shins.

February Mileage: 9.6
2010 Total: 150

Does anyone else want to shoot the groundhog when he sees his shadow? Me neither, just checking.

I am still Thinking Spring!


  1. YES!! Way better to have something you can cherish forever, like a race entry.. LOL!!

  2. I'd go with a race fee over roses anyday. Great run, Kasey!

  3. I want to shoot him.... we got 4 more inches last night. I am getting so dirty running.