Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Mile 2 Months in the Making

I'll get to that in a moment. First I'll post on my interval workout yesterday. My schedule called for 4x800 @10k pace. I had that written down to be 4:00, so 8:00 pace. I don't know if I ran my intervals too fast, or my goal time was too slow. Either way, I didn't get close to 4:00-can't complain!

3:36-felt so good, added one more. Probably would have added another, but my family came to the track.

Which brings me to the mile. 2 months ago, my husband bragged that he could run a 9:00 mile right now if he wanted to. He has not run at all in 9 years. Yes, 9 years. Nor does he do any other kind of exercise. So, I laughed at him and told him I'd love to see him try. I kept suggesting going to the track to get it done, but things kept coming up.

Well, what better time to make good than a 3 day weekend? He knew it was time to make good on his boast. He took a lap to warm up, and I timed him. His first lap he was a little fast-which I let him know. I ran with him the second lap-not pacing, just encouraging. After that he was on his own, since my girls were having a sand fight in the long jump pit.

Hubby walked once during lap three, twice during lap 4 but just for a short while. He really gave it his all! I ran the last 200 meters with him, trying to help him give a good finishing kick. Final time, 9:37:55. He missed his time, but did finish a mile.

I admit it was a little hard not to laugh at him seeing spots and feeling like he was going to pass out at the end. However, I remember well what that first running mile felt like when I was so out of shape. Hubby was red faced even an hour later, and sore this morning.

The best part is, he is thinking maybe we should do a family day at the track every week and maybe he will start trying to run on my off days. Great idea-we'll see if he can get out of bed! A morning person he is not. I think the running bug is taking root.


  1. Too funny. My husband admits hs defeat before trying. At least yours tried!

  2. LOL. My sister has not run in YEARS she wants to run a 5K with me...hmmmm... I told her I was doing a 15.78 mile run and she acted like she could do it. REALLY?? I am excited to see her try, then maybe I can get some respect