Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Thank God you're Crazy!"

This was my husbands quote yesterday. It made me laugh out loud. We were at Costco, and passed by the display of flowers. He commented that he had something in mind to get me for Valentine's Day, but it wasn't romantic. He gave me a look that said, "will that get me in trouble?" Then decided to tell me, my Race Fee! I told him I loved it, and it was romantic to me! To which he loudly proclaimed, "Thank God you're crazy!" in the middle of Costco. Between that and me laughing, we got some looks.

In my mind, romance isn't about what you get-it's the motivation behind it. Flowers are nice, but die. Jewelry is great, but not realistic to our budget. Most people I know would think a race fee is totally unromantic. Paying for you to run and feel miserable? For me, it is the perfect gift. As we all know, race fees are not cheap. I would love to race a lot, but the lack of races in my area and the already hefty fees make that difficult. My husband knows me well-that I want to race, but don't want to stretch an already tight budget to make it happen.

Today's run was the usual easy 4.5 mile loop, and my first run in my new shoes. The lure of the new shoes was the motivation I needed to get up this morning.

SHOE REVIEW: Saucony Progrid Guide 3
They were horrible. They hurt my feet before I had made it half a mile. It felt like running on rocks, and I don't know why. They felt like they had enough cushion when I jogged around the store, but they seriously hurt! I am a mid foot striker, and every time I landed on my forefoot pain shot through my feet and shins. I found myself trying to adjust my stride which made it worse. Not good. I ended up cutting my run short by a block because I couldn't do it anymore. I debated walking, but decided to speed up instead to make it home.

I guess I get to go for a drive again this weekend to return them, and back to the drawing board. I will try them once more for my easy run Friday and see if they feel better.


  1. ROMANTIC!! Which race did you get? Bummer about the shoes..

  2. Sorry about the shoes... and I love your V-Day gift. My hubby to gives me just want I want.

  3. That is the perfect V-day gift! Might have to drop a hint to my own hubby!!
    After 3 kids,I'll take practical over romantic any day!
    Hope you find the perfect shoes!

  4. Race fees ARE romantic! Right? :)
    I really hate new shoes...it always takes me a couple runs to really decide. I hope you find your perfect pair.