Thursday, February 11, 2010

Where are you?

Motivation-where have you gone? Not so long ago I treasured my early mornings alone. Some days I was sleepy, but that first block always had me awake and ready to tackle everything. Is it burnout? Is it sleep deprivation? Or is it the constant gloom of winter that we have found ourselves in? I think there has only been one day in the last month that it has not rained.

No matter the cause, it is time to snap out of it! I am ready to train hard and give it my all. Grumbling at having to get up at 5:30am is not going to benefit my running, or my life in any way. Negative thoughts, time to go away now-and I mean it. I am tougher than you.

After arguing with my alarm for 15 minutes this morning, I did get out of bed to run. That was a victory. It was only a 30 minute tempo, but it felt like so much more. The good news is, my watch was found-that excuse is over. (until a short person relocates it again)

1 mile warmup felt good and on the way, I decided I needed a change. I went a different route which meant I had no idea where my mile splits would be. I thought that might be for the best and I would just give it what I had for 30 minutes, and plug in the time and distance later. (This is where a Garmin would be fantastic-I am hopeful for my birthday).

30.03 = 3.83-5.25 miles total
7:50 average!

No wonder I was feeling it towards the end! I was going 40 seconds faster than my pace! I felt good knowing I could hold a faster pace, but I have got to learn some consistancy. Next time I need to mark splits. I am proud of this tempo run and knowing that I worked hard and gave it my all when I really didn't want to.

The easiest place to do that is the greenway since it has markers every 1/2 mile. I will be glad when it is light enough to run there and feel safe!


  1. Getting out of bed is the hardest... and remember: your first thought should be: "Oh, I want to go back to bed..." but that second thought should be: "But I love it when I am out there."

    Hint: Get all of your things ready the night before... so you are ready to put on your clothes and shoes and get out there. It may sound silly... but it could help!

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  2. Great job!
    I love the advise from the above comment!