Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday Monday Monday!

Happy Monday! Okay, I am trying really hard to make it a happy Monday. I have three kids with coughs, and one with a possible ear infection. I'm thinking it is a pajama day! And maybe I'll find enough floor to vacuum. Maybe.

Weekend recap:
Saturday's long run summed up: Sluggish. It took me until 10am to even get out the door because I was tired! My training schedule said 90 min, last 30 min faster, but I had mentally planned on 13 miles. I came close to that last weekend, but didn't actually hit 13. In hindsight, should have done the 90 min. I was tired by mile 6-that is never good. I did a loop because I didn't want to wimp out! (I would have, too) I finished, but with an 11 min mile pace-sad! Time, 2:14 and my legs felt like lead.

Possible Fixes:
-better fuel! I have been using Shot Blocks, but ran out. I used Sport Beans and didn't feel a boost at all!
-Knowing I was tired, should have done the shorter run-live to run another day!

I am hoping just getting the miles in will make a difference in my next long run! During my first half training, I remember we did do a drop down in mileage week-but when should that be done? It is not on my schedule. Thoughts?

Sunday I got to go shopping in Tri Cities with my mom! So fun to have a kid free day, and much needed. I found some GREAT deals on clothes at American Eagle. It made me excited about spring/summer clothes. Also went shoe shopping for new running shoes. I was fitted for the Saucony ProGrid Guide 3. I didn't buy them yet-still thinking. Mostly I'm thinking I should have bought them!

January Recap:
36.8 miles last week (highest of the month)
140.4 for the month!

Today, Hill Repeats! Schedule called for 8, but I felt good (and was having Oreo guilt) so I did 10! 2.6 mile warm up, faster than easy pace (9:00ish) 10x hill repeats, 5.0 miles total!

I was supposed to go to a Core workout class this morning, but sick kids means no-go. I will do my best to make it happen during naps! Feeling the need to step it up!

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  1. I'd say have a cutback week every 3rd or 4th week. Definitely once a month.
    Wow more hill repeats than called for? Rock on!
    Hope the kiddos feel better!