Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have a confession to make. I skipped my tempo run. Yep, totally skipped it. I had several weak excuses, my number one being I still hadn't found my watch. A tempo run is a waste of time without a watch, right? My two year old fell out of bed this morning at 4:30, and I had just gotten back to sleep when the alarm went off. It didn't take much to talk me out of a cold, dark run.

*My two year old fell out of her bed and started screaming. I rush to her aid, and hug her until she's calm. She informs me, "that bed kicked me out. Or my pets. That isn't nice. Night night" and was back to sleep before I left the room. Her pets are the stuffed animals she (and her sister) insists on sleeping with. They each have 10-15 in their bed and can't live without them.

I slept in until my husband gave me the not so subtle hint that it was 7:30, and he needed to go, could I be so kind as to deal with the kids? Oops. Thursday is my usual off day/cross training day so I'll just switch. No harm done.

To make myself feel better for missing my run, and my poor eating habits lately-that is a whole other blog!-I went to the adult Ballet class I used to frequent. It was hard work, but I enjoyed it a lot. I took my girls with me, and they behaved beautifully. That last time I tried, it was not so successful. My muscles handled the barre work well-the ballet conditioning at home has paid off! The dancing center work was a little slower to come back. I felt a bit awkward, large and clumsy. Oh well, it was a solid 2 hour workout, so it took care of my cross training for the day.

Up for tomorrow: the Tempo to follow

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  1. ROFL... My 6 year old daughter came into my room this morning and said, "Something it wrong with my clock. It says 4:30, and usually says 5:30". (Mind you, she knows how to tell time).

    I said, "There is nothing wrong with your clock... it is 4:30, got back to bed."

    Oh, and I got a new giveaway on my blog... so check it out.