Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bad Tempo, Bad

My friend and running buddy is pregnant with her third baby, which is great news for her. For me, I keep losing my running buddies to pregnancy. So sad. She has a history of miscarriages, so has been taking it very easy-which drove her insane in less than a week. Yep, she's a runner. Yesterday we met for a very easy 4 miles. We kept it at a light jog for the first 20 minutes, then jog/walk for the return route. It was great to catch up, and it was a recovery day for me anyways.

I have not been sleeping well. I have no idea why this is. I fall asleep great which lasts until about midnight. Then I wake up every hour all night. And I've been waking up with the munchies! Not because I'm hungry, but because I'm awake and bored! Gah!

I bring this up, because todays tempo run was a huge FAIL. Okay, not a full fail. I'll give it a C. Maybe. I woke up tired and considered going back to bed, but the weather was ideal: 36 degrees and cloudy, no rain. No such guarantees for tomorrow. (it is pouring right now-you'd think this was Seattle!)

I had planned a mile and a half warmup to get to an area where I could mark splits. I had to stop after 2 blocks to fix my shoes. After half a mile, I had a sideache. What?!?!? Half a mile of easy running! What in the world? I tried to run through, but it was a doozy. Fine. I walked until it went away. Ran two more blocks, side ache is back. Seriously!!! This continued the whole warmup!!!! I considered just going home. I was so frustrated! Knowing how the rest of my week is looking, I knew I needed to at least give it a shot. 40 min tempo, goal pace 8:30.

Mile 1: 8:56 it felt terrible. I don't know what is wrong.
Mile 2. 8:43 I want to quit.
Mile 3-5, I stopped checking my watch because of my negative attitude. I covered it with my coat, and decided to go by perceived effort and hope for the best. I pushed as best I could and more importantly, pushed as much of the negativity out as I could! I turned up my ipod as loud as I dared, and gave it the best I had today.

Tempo: 4.8 miles 39:50
Somehow out of that disaster, I still came out with an 8:29 average. I think my last mile was fast, just wanting to be home!

Total distance, 6.8 miles
January total 119.9

What did I learn from this? I don't know why I was having sideaches, but I do know I need to stick with it and work hard to reach my goals. Somedays that is much easier said than done!


  1. Getting out there is the hard part...WAY TO GO friend! There are just hard days...period. That's what running is...good days and some bad days and you hope to get mostly good ones. Great job even if you didn't feel like it went well!

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