Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let it Begin...

Hello Blogging Buddies! It is so great to see a few people are actually reading my ramblings. I am trying to get better about the length of my ramblings-ha!

-Yesterday was my first day on my training schedule, and first speed workout in a while. It felt like it! 7x400 goal pace 1:50. Splits: 1:53, 1:51, 1:51, 1:52, 1:51, 1:50, 1:52-I am actually pleased with these times, since I was running in lanes 5-6. They were the only ones clear of snow. 5.8 miles total

-Today I woke up to pouring rain, so feeling a little wimpy I went to the gym. I go to a small little gym that is never busy. Today all the treadmills were full. I didn't figure in the New Years crowd. I grudgingly got on a bike for 12 minutes until a treadmill opened up. I lasted a mile, but it was really unusually hot, and I was feeling claustrophobic with so many people by me. Rain sounded better. Went home, changed into pants and headed out the door. It was just a light rain at that point-perfect. Until I hit the sidewalk and figured out it was freezing rain. It was a slippery run, but it was still better than a treadmill. 4 miles total

-Finish line has horrible customer service (online). I will never buy shoes from them again. The only reason I did this time is because I was stuck with a gift card from a return when they wouldn't give cash back. Rant over.

-I am doing better with my food choices-mostly. I give myself a B- for yesterday because I ate ice cream after the kids were in bed. Out of the container. I didn't eat too much, but I still ate because of stress. Oh, and I dug out the pieces of cookie dough. Okay, let's go with a C+ for yesterday. Today, so far I would grade myself a B+. No stress eating, good portion control. I just need to add more veggies.

-Day three of taking a Vitamin D supplement. Does anyone else take this? I have learned to take it on a full stomach. Taking it as you eat breakfast is not enough. It made me feel really yucky this morning.

50.3 Miles for the year so far-I'm well on my way!


  1. we are only 2 weeks into the year and already have 50 miles racked up wow, that's amazing. :) no, i don't take any vitamin supplements I probably should though

  2. Awesome track workout, Kasey!

    Way to get those miles in, too. :)

    I take all of my vitamins with a full glass of water before bed. That way I "sleep" off the ill effects, if any.