Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FinishLine Rant

No, not the fun type of finish line that we all love crossing after we've given it our all-the other kind. The store. I have kept my frustration to myself for the most part, (aside from my husband) but I am seriously mad at this point!

Several months ago I bought a pair of shoes at finishline, because we don't have any other options in town that carry running shoes. I bought them with the understanding I could return them. Well, when I returned them they would only give me store credit, or an exchange. I exchanged for a different pair that they had to order, and ended up with the difference ($45) on a gift card. So here I am stuck with this gift card. Fast forward to before Christmas.

Time for a new pair of shoes, and I need to get rid of this gift card. I try to order my usual Asics 2140 online with a Visa gift card my in laws gave me. The website wouldn't work. Okay, I was patient. I tried again, did the whole order. It said the transaction would not go through. Huh. So I tried twice more, wondering why it wouldn't work. The transaction didn't go through, but they DID charge my card all three times!!!! Gah! So now, all my Christmas money is gone, and I still don't have any shoes.

I sent 4, yes 4 emails over the course of a week. Each confirmation email said I would get a response within one business day. I have yet to hear from them. I tried to call, and was put on hold so long I couldn't do it(all you moms know how it is on the phone with kids). After 2 weeks, the money was reimbursed. Maybe it was just the holiday rush. I'll give them one more chance. Same thing, didn't process but charged my card. So I went into the store and just ordered right there. The card went through fine. Great! Nightmare over, and never buying from them again!!! My shoes should get here in a few days.

Okay, 2 weeks. *sigh* If it hadn't been for that store credit, I would have ordered from running warehouse! They were cheaper and I get my shoes in two days! UPS finally came tonight. Joy oh Joy! New Shoes! Of course I rip into the box right away, and slip them on my feet...

And my toes hit the end. Seriously? I check the box-Size 10 Asics 2140. The same shoes I own 4 pairs of. Weird. I put on my usual running socks and lace them up. They are definitely short. I try on one of my old shoes, and one new and put my heels against a wall. There is a half inch difference in length!

So now what to do? Finishline won't return emails, and I don't want to waste a whole day on hold! My biggest issue is, I don't want store credit or an exchange. I just want to take my business elsewhere! I am open to suggestions. I do not like being mean or angry to customer service people after working retail, but I am so frustrated!

It has been a month, and I still don't have new shoes. Rant over.


  1. Thanks for the comment! I would be so frustrated too! Hope you get your shoes soon!

  2. That is very frustrating. I hope you get everything sorted out soon. :-/

  3. So frustrating...hope you are able to get it worked out. Shoes have to fit.