Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Long Run

Happy Saturday! Mine started off in a very lazy fashion, which is unusual for me. I enjoyed having a date night tremendously, but I am not used to being up until midnight anymore. Not to mention seeing Avatar in 3D made me a little dizzy, mostly because we ended up having to sit in the second row. Way too busy, but my husband loved it.

He got extra points by letting me stay in bed until 10am! Wow! I haven't slept that late in years. I was woken up a few times by kids coming in to say hi, but it felt great to sleep and be lazy. It was freezing rain last night, so I was anticipating a run on the treadmill. For 90 minutes. Ugh. I started getting my things ready, including my ipod that is newly loaded with audio books.

Off to the gym I went. On the drive there, I noticed things were starting to melt. The temp had warmed up to 35! Change of plans, back home and into outdoor running gear. I chose the greenway knowing that it would most likely be clear, which it was.

I ran 33 minutes South while listening to "Born to Run". I am enjoying it I think, although it was a different rhythm. I don't know if it made me slower or not-I wasn't focusing on my pace at all. I turned around keeping the same easy pace. When I got back by my car at the hour mark, I switched to music and picked up the pace.

The goal was to run the last 30 minutes at race pace. I'm not sure if I was at race pace, which should be around 8:30(faster if possible), but I was going fast enough for it to feel hard. I was really pleased with my ability to hold the harder pace when I was tired. Long runs have never been a strong point for me, so I am hoping this means my training will go easier this time around.

1:30:49 total run time, 10 miles (I think). I used mapmyrun to figure the distance, but some of the trail is hard to track-so guessing a little bit. My dream of getting a Garmin for Christmas has not come true yet. Maybe Valentine's?

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