Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Week!

Wow, what a week. I mean, it has been a week! My kids have had colds, again. I think we have had about 2 healthy weeks total since September. Has it been this bad for everyone? Somehow my week got very overbooked with company and activities. I love having company, but three visits in one day from different people is a lot for three kids to digest without going crazy. Getting back into the up at 5am groove has not come as easily as I had hoped. Shocking, I know. 5am i just SO wonderful! Yucky grey cold conditions do not improve my morning disposition. Is it time for summer yet???

Okay, I promise-this is not a whining blog! FYI, I do not like winter. I never have. I even worked for 3 years as a professional snowboard instructor and I still did not like winter. All my co-workers laughed at how many layers I wore each day. My layering for running is just as funny. Having the gym and treadmill as an option is new to me, last year I toughed it out in the cold. I don't know if this year is colder, or if I am just more wimpy since I have the option. (I am guessing the latter, but it has been cold!)

Tuesdays run was on the treadmill, but it was one of those days I would have rather been anywhere else. Mostly in my bed. I met a friend which helped, but I just couldn't get into a groove. I did 5 miles, but they were slow and tedious. I varied the incline every few minutes to try and make it more interesting. Mostly, I watched sports center and dreamed of when my self-imposed treadmill time was done.

Wednesday, I convinced my running partner to run outside with me. Yes, it was cold-25 degrees, but more like 15 with the windchill. However, it felt so much better to be going somewhere! I came home with a big smile on my face. I am an outside runner at heart.

I am working on putting together my training schedule having decided on the Mercer Island Half Marathon. Last time I did the runners world smart coach, and didn't love the schedule they set me up with. My first half, I trained with a more experienced partner who made our schedule. I wish I had kept it, but that was before I was organized enough to keep a log.

My goal for the half is to be sub-2:00. I was so close in my first, 2:02, but struggle to finish. Anyone have suggestions for me? I am my own worst critic, and get so frustrated when I don't meet my time goals. My dream goal would be a 1:45, but I think that is out of reach. I would be thrilled with anything under 2:00.

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  1. The hal higdon plans incorporate speedwork and are pretty easy to follow. use a plan with HILLS and speedwork and you should be good. Sub 2 hours is a GREAT goal!