Monday, January 25, 2010

Long Run

Does anyone else wake up Monday morning, and wonder where the weekend went? I'm pretty sure it happened, but how can it be over already?

Saturday morning my husband had to work for a few hours which postponed my long run. I am a morning runner not because I love getting up early, but because it is the time I have. Even on the weekends I find it so much easier to start my day with a run, rather than carve the time out later in the day. It is too easy for me to feel lazy later in the afternoon.

Hubby got home around noon, and I should have started out the door. I didn't. I ate and talked on the phone with my sister for an hour. Suddenly it's 2pm. Maybe I should just skip it. This is why I run in the morning before I have time to talk myself out of it!

Thankfully, the sun was out. The sun was out! It was almost 50 degrees and there was sun! Something we have not seen much of around here the last month. That was more convincing then anything else. I did what I often do when I'm not in the mood to run long-start and promise myself I can turn back if it's awful. I did an out and back route for this very reason.

I listened to "Born to Run" on my ipod while I ran, keeping a nice easy pace. The sun felt glorious. I was running in a tank top and capris. So much better than winter layers! I am enjoying listening to "Born to Run". It was interesting and motivational to hear about ultra-runners-definitely a whole different breed!

Stats: 12.5 miles
1:06 minutes out
1:00 back
Last mile, 8:37 (hugely proud of this, my legs felt tired!)

My legs felt tired, but good afterwards. I suffered through an ice bath knowing my muscles were tired. The only sore part of me Sunday was my feet! They hurt bad enough that I wore flip flops to church, even though it had turned winter again and was in the 20's. Does anyone else get very sore on the balls of your feet? It is always on the inside of my foot that it hurts. I feel it when I lift up my toes. Thoughts?

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