Saturday, January 16, 2010

Long Run Saturday

Today was one of those mornings that is was hard to get up and out the door. It wasn't even early, but staying home in warm pajamas just sounded awesome. I am thankful I was meeting a friend at 7:30 this morning, or my run may have been postponed or shortened.

It was 35 degrees this morning, with a light drizzle going on-so not too bad. I had planned a loop route, but since I was feeling a little on the lazy side, I changed it to an out and back for an easy option to turn early if the skies opened. Thankfully, the rain held off and we got our miles in.

I ran with a friend who I have only run with a few times, and typically with someone else also. I had forgotten that she is FAST and a little on the impatient side. Now, I don't mean that in a bad way-I adore this friend, but I realize that we are not well matched for most long runs. I run at a pretty steady easy 10:00 mile pace. That feels uncomfortably slow to her. If I try to keep pace with her the whole time, I get tired.

We ended up with a pretty good compromise I think. We ran the first 4 miles together, then she took off ahead and I enjoyed some music on my ipod. After the turnaround, we ran together for another mile or two, then she took off for home ahead of me.

Stats for the run: 10.4 miles, 1:40:21

I think she will be a fantastic friend to run with as my conditioning improves training for Mercer Island. Keeping the pace on longer tempo runs and long runs is hard for me. How great to have someone to help push the pace when I get tired and want to slow down!

Right now I am enjoying being back in comfy pj's and having my legs up on my couch, and the lovely quiet of nap time. The only thing that would make it better would be if someone would deliver some onion rings. Does anyone else crave salt and grease after long runs? Normally I am a sugar person, but not on long run days.


  1. Sounds like a nice start to the weekend!!!

  2. I left a comment the other day but not sure if you ever got it? Running with people is have to find the right person. I have found that I like long runs by myself or with someone who doesn't mind if I listen to my ipod. It's kind of my time for me.

    Where do you live? I am in Tacoma.

  3. GOOD WORK!! You are way ahead of the miles for Mercer. It is such a balance with running buddies.. I am BLESSED to have a few great partners..