Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Speed

Winter is back. After the wonderful sun on Saturday, it was hard to see snow coming down last night. Then freezing rain. I was all geared up to do speed on the treadmill this morning. I poked my head out the door, saw the rain, and got dressed in gym clothes. When I went out to start the car it was only a light drizzle and not icy. Change of plans! To the track!

On the schedule was 8x400 @ 1:50
I did 1.5 mile warm up on my way to the track. The track is always empty in the morning, which is nice. It was however, dark and foggy. Wish they had lights!

1:46 felt like I was going slow so I pushed it
1:44 wow, go me. decided to add one more
1:45 Okay, legs are dead now

Last week my times were a little slow, running in lane 5-6. Today felt good. I think if I had warmed up with some strides and high knees, I could have started the first few faster. Oh well. Very happy that I got faster as I went, and finished strong!

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