Friday, January 8, 2010

10 Things that Make me Happy

Does anyone else with kids sit down to blog or check email or whatever, get two lines in and get interrupted by a kid (or husband) who NEEDS something RIGHT NOW OR THE WORLD WILL END! All that to say, I started writing this post 3 hours ago. Lets see if I can get it done.

Taking the idea from Mel @ 10 Things that make me happy. I must say, that is a good way to end a week-especially a busy stressful week.

Without further ado-

1. Date Nights! I get to go on a date with my husband tonight FOR FREE! How awesome is that? Thanks to a great friend who gave us a gift card, and included free babysitting. Wohoo! So, dinner at Applebees, and seeing Avatar.

2. Coffee. This week I have been very thankful for coffee, and my espresso machine. It is not as good as having someone else make it, but it is cheaper and I can have more whenever I want! Oh, and Eggnog flavored coffee syrup. Way less calories than having a real eggnog latte, and tastes almost as good! I bought three bottles hoping to save at least one for when I have an eggnog craving in August.

3. My ipod-on days when I am struggling to run, or worse on the treadmill, it is a lifesaver. I am a music lover, and starting the day with my ipod on shuffle while I run is always a mood booster. A friend just gave me a few audio books for my ipod, so I may try that on long runs. Not sure if it will be the same, but it's nice to have the option. First book, "Born to Run".

4. Fuzzy Socks. My feet are always cold, and fuzzy socks in fun colors make me smile.

5. My baby (2 1/2 year old) is POTTY TRAINED!!! Wohoo! Happy Dance! No more diapers!

6. A new book. I love to read and get sucked into new books to where nothing else exists. It's wonderful.

7. My sweet understanding husband who made dinner and wrangled three kids after he worked all day, so I could chill with my book and have a break.

8. Nativity scenes. I collect them, and love all different styles. I am okay with putting away the tree (sort of-it is still up), but I don't want to put away my Nativities. They are beautiful. My favorite my mom got me from Bethlehem when she toured Israel.

9. My son loves making get well cards, and makes one for me if I have a headache, or am tired, or seem grumpy. He also asks me if I need to run when I am acting grumpy. That makes me laugh.

10. My 4 year old daughter who always has a hilarious question, which usually leads to an even funnier comment. For example: "why do I have nipples?" "because that's how God made you". "Oh. Well, ducks don't have nipples. I wish I were a duck, because they don't have nipples. Or a penguin. Waddle waddle waddle."

My life is never dull. I am blessed, even when I am tired and have had a long week.

Oh, and to make this somewhat running related-5.8 miles this morning. 17 degrees. It was cold, but felt wonderful to be outside. Totally worth it, although I've found I am slow when it's cold.

Thanks for the idea Mel, it put a smile on my face!

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  1. Yippee!! This was one coffee IV week.. wow potty trained at 2 1/2??